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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Planning a Quilt-A-Long!

I have decided to try hosting a Quilt-A-Long on the good ol' blog.  Hooray. :) I definitely don't have time before we go out to Utah later this month, but if I don't start planning now, I know it won't happen. I think these kinds of things are supposed to be organized in the background, without all of you good readers knowing anything about it until it's all set up and organized and ready to start, but if you haven't noticed, I don't really work like that. :) Not that I can't keep secrets, because I can. It's more, how will I know what you want if I don't ask you?! Communication is key. So I'm going to tell you what I'm planning, and then I'm all ears for your thoughts and opinions, and what questions you'd like me to answer. And then as I put this all together, it'll be just what we all hoped for and more! How does that sound? So, here we go...

If you follow me on IG (instagram @fromblankpages) then you've seen some of my patterns that I've been playing around with. Well, there is one specifically that I can't seem to get enough of. It's the same pattern I used to make my liberty pillow. Playing with the pattern on my computer, there are a load of designs that you could make with it, and I'm sure more than what I've come up with.

Some designs vary only slightly, like this group,

This is what has inspired my QAL idea. It's going to be a one pattern design, this pattern. But it comes with a challenge, which you don't have to accept. If you do want to accept it, I really want to know just how many designs or variations can come from this one pattern! I already have a few that I've come up with and shared, and you can pick any of those, or you can try your hand at something different. I love versatility, and that is one thing that I LOVE about this pattern!

but then I've found some that are really quite drastically different.
Every picture on this blog starts from the same basic pattern.

So to get started, I will be making up a coloring page of the pattern, which will be free, and everyone can download it and print it as many times you want, and color your heart out! I mean, how are you going to know what you want to make if you can't color it first, right?!

Then, when you know you want in, I will be making the pattern in three different sizes. I'm thinking a 12" finished square, a 18" finished square and a 24" finished square. OR should I do something different? What size would you want your pattern in??? Maybe a 6" finished square?

You will need to pay for the pattern, but I'll be hosting some giveaways, and maybe get some help with giveaways on other blogs as well, so there will definitely be some chances of getting your pattern for free. I'll sell the pattern in the different sizes as well as a combined pattern with all the sizes at a bundled price. I'm thinking maybe some flash coupon/sales that are for a limited time only. (The pattern will contain: all the pieces for the block, a coloring page, any special instructions, templates for cutting out your fabric - so helpful!, and anything else that I think of that is useful with the pattern. I don't like to leave you hanging when you purchase a pattern from me.) Please remember to NOT share your patterns. If you or your friend really want to participate and can't afford the few dollars it will cost, just send me an email! We'll figure it out. Just please don't share, or copy, or sell my pattern(s). Thanks!

This is a crazy picture, but the border is also made using the same pattern pieces, just arranged differently. I colored two different options, the very top vs the rest of the border.
Basically this just shows more options in every way.

Then we'll get started! Each week, or however often, we'll have link ups with your progress (the first one could be of your coloring pages!).  I'll also share loads of tips, how to's, etc for paper piecing, cutting fabrics, using fussy cut prints, printing pattern pieces, finishing your block, etc. This is another area where I need your help: What tips and tricks would you like me to share? What questions/problems do you have when you paper piece? If you let me know now, I'll be sure to cover it during the QAL. Maybe I can find some guest bloggers to help out with tips and tricks as well.

Then at the end there will be a final link up with PRIZES! :) I'm thinking maybe I could have my hubby pick the ultimate winner, and perhaps some voting for the top three designs, of course some special prizes for the most unique designs, and then maybe some random drawing winners. (This depends on how many sponsors I get, I guess.) But really, what's a QAL without prizes right?! I'll be sure to have some good ones.

So here's a quick summary:

Name: The One Pattern QAL, aka, One Pattern - How many designs?, or if I ever come up with a name for the pattern, that could be the name of the QAL. :)

Challenge: create a unique design/pattern using my one pattern, or just quilt-a-long with us!

Size: Any size. Make a mini quilt, pillow, etc. with just one block, or make a whole quilt. Finished quilt tops will be totally acceptable to link up as a finish, it doesn't have to be quilted and bound.

Prizes: Yes!

Other: Tips, how to's, Giveaways, fun!

Time frame: I'll be out of town until the end of July, so I'm thinking start in August, then perhaps end at the end of September. I know this is when school starts, so I don't want it to be crunch time. What do you think? Maybe start in September? Should it go for two months?

If you would be interested in helping out (hosting giveaways, being a guest blogger/tip giver, being a sponsor, etc.) shoot me an email (fromblankpages at gmail dot com). I will be more than happy to consider everyone, but don't be upset if I get overwhelmed with offers and can't use everyone. (I can dream, right?! lol.) I will also be sending out emails, inviting people to join in. Yes, I will be putting in a lot of effort for this QAL. ;)

Questions I have for you:
  • What size(s) would you want the pattern to be available in?
  • What is a good name for the pattern? If I use your name I'll give you a free copy!
  • What tips/tricks would you like to learn? What questions/problems do you have with paper piecing? I'll share these in the weekly(?) QAL blog posts.
  • How much time would you want from start to finish, to finish your project? (one month? two months? etc.)
  • What dates/months are best for you? (should it start at the beginning of the month, in the middle, August, September, etc.)

So here is my very backwards way of organizing a Quilt-A-Long. :) I hope you enjoy this!! I really can't wait for this to come together. And I especially can't wait to make another pillow with this pattern... I already have my idea figured out. And even if you have no other feedback, than saying you would like to join, please let me know! If everyone is only silently excited, and I don't get any feedback, I might just drop it and move onto something else. ;)

p.s. When I finish this pattern, you will be allowed to sell items you make with it, on a small scale. In the past almost all of my patterns have been for personal use only, but I'm changing my mind. Just no mass producing, and again, no sharing, copying, or selling the actual pattern itself. Each pattern only allows for one person to sell from it. Multiple makers/users need to purchase their own pattern. :)

Happy Wednesday!



  1. What a beautiful pattern! I love the idea of a QAL; I would definitely try this one. I know that most people aren't teachers, as I am, but lots of people have back to school in August/September so maybe late September start time? As for the name, I think that the outside looks like a wheel from a covered wagon for some reason, so I thought of Prairie Flower. Not very modern sounding but it stuck and I couldn't think of anything else. Can't wait to start! Have fun in Utah

  2. I love your pattern, and I think I would call it Diamond Cut. It reminds me of the pretty cuts on my diamond ring. I think baby or lap size would be great. Also the one thing I would make sure to do a lesson on is how to properly make the center seam lay flat when so many pieces are sewn together. I can't wait to quilt along with you.

  3. I love this idea! I would love to use the 24" size and I'm thinking I would use it as a center medallion for a quilt top. And then do some alternative piecing for the borders. As far as a name I think it reminds me of a Dream Catcher. I think starting late August or September would be fine and maybe have it run for 2 months? Whatever you decide it will be awesome. If you need help just let me know! (I sent you an email)

  4. I love this pattern! I like the idea of a 24" block, similar to a Swoon, in that it'll work up quickly and the piecing will be bigger! :)

    I like Jeweled Prism for a name, though Refracted Star sounds neat too.

  5. Yep, me like the others love the idea of a 24" block. The idea of making a million 6" paper pieced blocks for a quilt top doesn't sound like a good idea to me! LOL I would let it go for a LEAST two months and don't start it when school is starting back for folks with kids, so I would do it like middle or end of September.

  6. You are so talented! I'd say the 24" block sounds like a good size to me! As a name? Well it kind of reminds me of a star burst but that name is just generic for me. Sooo, if I was naming it I'd say Bursting Out sounds like a great name, I think it fits!

  7. The pattern is so unique and versatile. I love it. I have never tried paper piecing and feel so intimidated but you may have just convinced my to buy a pattern and jump in. And that is saying alot since I'm due with my fourth child in a couple months. Maybe I'll just watch and go at my own pace or something. :) Thanks for all the hard, behind the scenes, work.

  8. Beautiful! I'd love the 18" block. Happy to be in a blog hop or guest post or just a quick promo for you. (I think I am finally starting to blog again)! I saw the first image on IG and thought "star of the sea" or "mod meridian" but probably doesn't convey the versatility of the design!

  9. 6 inch and 18 inch blocks in addition to the 12 inch would be nice. Although you just need to print at 50% and adjust the seam allowance for the 6 inch block. How about Northern Star? It's just what it reminds me of. I would love to learn how you make your patterns, tips on how to create PP patterns. But that might not be for a QAL. PP tips. August is going to be crazy with school starting, so maybe September or the end of August and maybe 2 months to work on it. Will there be a set number of blocks, or as long as we make one of the blocks it will be good for the QAL. And finished quilt? Or just top?

    Love it by the way! ;)

  10. I'm so happy to find this pattern...again...I couldn't remember which blog I had originally seen that beautiful pillow for the first time! Yay! Now I know. Oh please don't decide to not do it. Come on everyone, make some noise so we can have a QAL!! I want to know how you press your seams - finger, roller, steam iron, dry iron? Pattern name? How about Beach Umbrella? That's what it kind of reminds me of.

  11. I would love to make this pattern. Mostly the 18 inch or 24inch would be do-able for my hectic schedule come September. I would vote for the end of September--gives us a chance to get settled into family routines. How about "Beveled Beauty" for a name??? I like to think of it in 3 dimension--therefore beveled edges. Please keep us updated!!! Enjoy your vacation time!

  12. I love the idea!! I think I would do one big block for a mini and have fun colouring in the blank template to work out what design to do!!

  13. I also like the idea of the giant block, although blocks that finish at 12.5 are great for Bees. It reminds me of a sundial or maybe summer dial.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I came across this from someone reposting on IG, so I'm super excited. I've been looking for a QAL to join, and I would love to learn to paper piece, so this is perfect.

    I'm definitely interested in a 12" and 18", because I don't know if I could swing the time to make a full quilt (hello - silly me and my million other projects going on), but a few pillows would be fabulous.

    And coloring pages? Hell yes. Count me in.

    Sorry for the deleted comment above. I signed in under the wrong name and didn't know how to edit.


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