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Exploring Creativity: 70's Geese Design Options...

This post is a part of the Exploring Creativity series. You can read all about it HERE. And HERE is the post sharing the pattern for this month, 70's Geese

So... before I start my post. I just want to let you know, that if you own the 70's Geese pattern already, I did make some updates to it. Unfortunately Craftsy has been changing their site, and I have been having no luck with updating my patterns there. I did contact them, but have heard nothing back, so I'm not sure what is going on. If you would like to receive the updated pattern, I am going to ask you to fill out THIS FORM, and we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping this will be quicker and easier, for both of us, to get you your pattern update!

Over the weekend I started playing with the coloring pages to try and decide on what design I wanted to make. Well, I kept playing and came up with some really awesome designs that can be made with the 70's Geese pattern!

Here's where it all started from...

I quickly realized that I have much better results if I start with a grey scale image and then add color from there. When I start designing with color, I get too distracted by the colors and it always turns out crazy.

After coloring the sheet above, I decided to see how these different blocks would look on repeat. Can I please have more time to quilt them all?!!! If only quilting was as quick as coloring! ;)

I'll share the base block and then the block on repeat. Which is your favorite???

Option 1:


 The same version, except without the grey points on the inside.
I think this would be a beautiful classy quilt!

Option 2:


  The same version, except without the grey points on the inside.

Option 3:
 I drew this option as 4 block design, so I didn't actually make a single block pattern of it, though each block is the same.


 I did make a color version of this pattern, to help show off the design a little more.
Another option with this version would be to ONLY piece the pink part, or ONLY piece the blue parts, and leave the rest as background fabric. 

Option 4:


Option 5:


Option 6:
I think is my favorite repeat design! It doesn't look like much as a single block, but the repeat is is really fun!

 Option 7:

 Option 8:
This is very similar to option 7, except for the very center is lightly colored in above, and this option is dark in the corners as well. I think this is a good example of what just a few tweaks can do to change the design. 

Option 9:

Option 10: 

Option 11:
This one is pretty neat on the repeat as well! Definitely has a wow-factor to it!

Option 12:

This one could also be done as a reverse/negative of Option 3!

Option 13:

 The last few options are pretty similar, mostly just a change in the ombre direction. Light to dark starting on the inside or the outside. That and coloring the geese or the background triangles.

Option 14:

Option 15:

Option 16:

Option 17:

What do you think??? Do you have a favorite? Which one surprised you the most with the repeat pattern?

Now I'm off to play with color and pick some fabrics!

Don't forget to link up your projects - you can link up your progress photos too! I can't wait to see what you are working on!! :) (remember, if you're on Instagram, use #fbpExploreCreativity and #fbp70sGeese. You can also share in the Facebook group!



Do you still need to pick up the pattern? Click on the button below!

Happy Quilting! and Happy Creating!

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  1. I think option 13 is my favorite, but they are all awesome. It's hard to believe that these are all made from the same pattern.


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