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Exploring in October: 70's Geese

It's time for the next pattern to explore!

During the month of October I will be exploring my 70's Geese pattern! And I invite you to join me!

I am SOOO excited for this pattern! 70's Geese is one of my very first designs and has been a top favorite for years! I originally made it for DQS12 and sent my mini to Whitney.

The colors are kind of crazy. I'm not sure why I picked these colors exactly, but I really love do this so much!! This photo does not do it justice.


In preparing for this month, I wanted to update the pattern to fix any errors and make it better than ever! In doing so, I had a lot of chuckles!! I designed this pattern in May 2012! Looking back made me realize just how far I've come in my pattern writing abilities! I know there is a lot that I still have to learn, but I'm happy that I've learned as much as I have! and it's a lot! ;)

That being said, I have made a number of improvements to the pattern!
  • I decided to adjust the design so the points are no longer cropped around the edges. I like it both ways, but decided to make the change anyway.... hopefully it was a good move! 
  • I redrew the entire pattern so it is more accurate.
  • The pattern now includes assembly instructions and other basic info.
  • There are a number of different coloring pages, plus a labeled coloring page to help you transfer your design from the coloring page to the pattern templates
  • I added 2 NEW SIZES!! I'm really excited about this one! The pattern is now available in 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch sizes! (I am planning on making a few mug rugs this month!! Hooray for 6 inch!) You can purchase the different sizes individually or bundled for extra savings.
  • and.... I think that might be all. 

70's Geese is ON SALE for 15% OFF!
sale ends Friday at midnight, PST. 
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Not sure what I'm talking about? Read all about the Exploring Creativity event and how it works HERE!

 I couldn't help playing around with this already!! I love how the center pops in this one!

And they always look amazing when made on repeat! Four 9 inch blocks would make the perfect 18" pillow or mini quilt!! Just sayin'.

Or if you're ambitious, or perhaps in a quilting bee... an entire quilt would be stunning!!

Have you already made something(s) with this pattern???

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To pick a winner, I will be choosing from the hashtags on Instagram (be sure to use all three so I don't miss your post!), the linky on my blog, and Facebook. I know some of you don't use Instagram or Facebook, so I want to make this available for everyone! Ps. You can link your Instagram photos to the linky below as well!

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I'm really excited to get started with projects that have been on my to-do and want-to-make list for years! As well as explore new possibilities and new projects. And I especially can't wait to see what you make!!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

And just so it's clear, because I don't think I mentioned this previously. I won't be doing in depth tutorials or paper piecing tutorials for each of these patterns. Instead I will share tips or tricks that I come across during the month are specific to each individual pattern only. If you would like some tutorials on paper piecing, you can find some on my blog here:

Stay tuned for more blog posts. Until then,

Happy Quilting! and Happy Creating!!



Have you already purchase the pattern??? 

No need to purchase it again. Here's what you need to do to get the update, based on the purchase platform you purchased it from.

If you purchased the pattern on

  • Craftsy: simply log in to your account and download the updated pattern. Usually that is the case, which is super easy. Unfortunately Craftsy just made some major changes to their site and I have not been able to upload the new patterns. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and I will let you know.
  • You should have received an email with a link to the updated pattern. If not, login to your account on my site and you can download the updated pattern.
  • Etsy: Unfortunately Etsy doesn't update PDF's for past purchases, even when I update them. Contact me with your Etsy account name and email, and the date you purchased the pattern and I will email you the updated pattern. Don't know how to find when you purchased it??? Login to your account, hover over "you" in the top right corner, a drop down menu will appear. Click on "Purchases and Reviews". Scroll down until you find your purchase, and you can see the date of purchase there.
  • My Bigcartel shop is no longer open. BUT I do have a record of all purchases on there. Contact me with your name and email and date of purchase I can look it up for you, and email you the updated pattern.
 I will not go searching for your purchase for you. If you don't remember where you purchased it from, look on Etsy and Craftsy first and if you can't find it, contact me. Do not contact me if you know you didn't purchase it. If you do not have proof of purchase I cannot and will not email you the pattern. (and as much as I LOVE to help you, please don't waste my time looking for something that isn't there - like a purchase that wasn't made. Thanks!! But if you did make it, then it's not a waste of time to help. just so that's clear.) ;)

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