Thursday, November 3, 2016

Exploring Creativity: 70's Geese Wrap Up!

This post is a part of the Exploring Creativity series. You can read all about it HERE. And HERE is the post sharing the pattern for this month, 70's Geese.   

Whoa! Did you see that?! October just fly by... I hope life doesn't keep going at this speed or I'll be 80 by Monday! ;)

I feel like I didn't spend as much time on social media sharing the 70's Geese pattern, but I did spend a LOT of time making 70's Geese blocks! Do you want to see what I made?

First I made this 6 inch rainbow block! I love how this turned out!

I really enjoy blending colors, and although doing so is a lot harder with fabric than it is with paint, I still like rummaging through my stash trying to find the perfect blends. I admit, this is not perfect (especially the bottom center section) if I were wanting the perfect color wheel, but it's the best I could come up with using my stash on hand.

Do you want to know what I made next??? 3 more of the exact same block! Call me crazy.
 From left to right, 12 inch, 9 inch, and 6 inch.

I'm actually going to be sending these all away, so only the 12 inch block will be mine to keep (I wanted one for myself too). I'm trying to catch up on all my past commitments... some of which have been years in the waiting ;) (but in my defense, we have lived in 4 states and had 2 more babies since the very oldest commitment was made... so it's not that I'm a complete slacker. lol.) Anyway, I made them all the same because I liked this design the best, and I wanted to send everyone the best design! so I had to make them all the same. 

Looking at the different sizes together, I do think it would be awesome to make a bunch of different sized blocks and combine them into one quilt! 

I did also make this 70's Geese block, which I already shared but I'll share again.

Another 6 inch block, that I'm also sending away. It is the month of giving! oh wait, that's next month. ;)

I did have a lot of fun with this design! I love how joining just a few sections can really change up the look and feel of a block! Sometimes the possibilities can be overwhelming. ;)

I already announced the winner of the Exploring Creativity event in my newsletter! (It wasn't very hard to pick... but I'm so glad I had someone to share the prize with!!) Anyway, I want to do a shout out to Tanyia and share her gorgeous 6 inch mini too!!

Isn't this gorgeous?!!! With these colors I can't help but think that this would make a pretty tree skirt!

Congrats Tanyia!! And thanks!

If you wanted to pick up the 70's Geese pattern and make your own awesome projects, you can find it below!

As for the rest of the year... I am going to put the Exploring Creativity on hold for a little bit. I have some really fabulous things in store for 2017, and I am going to spend the next two months getting it all ready for you to enjoy right at the beginning of the month! I'd rather have awesomeness for you, instead of spreading myself too thin and just having coolness. ;)

I do have some other fantastic things in the works for you, so stay tuned! You won't want to miss what's coming out next!

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In the meantime, will you hope over and share your input!! I'm working on my Block of the Month pattern for 2017, but I have too many ideas and need some help narrowing it down! It will only take 2 seconds!! Thank you SOOO much!

You can find the survey HERE.

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