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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fab Finds: Oh My Cards!

My hubby is watching the football game at a friends house, and I am here aimlessly wandering around blog land, and have stumbled upon many a great cards! :) I decided that if I'm going to share some new cards, I might as well bring over all the cards I had also noted on my old crafty idea blog. :) So I'm sorry if this is Card Overload! But I think these are fun! :)

First I'll start with Rubies & Pearls:

I really like these cute Yo Yo cards, and the custom envelopes! (She has tutorials for everything, and so many other cute things on her blog. Don't miss it!)

Then there are these really cute Unity Co stamps that I wish I had...


Which made these cards:  

I grabbed these pictures from Crafty Steals.com as she was selling the stamps.

Then there is this blog that is practically all cards,
Pocket Full of Paper
which has a ton of cute cards.
 Here is a sneak peak:


Northridge  Media puts out catalogs for scrapbooking, cards, and a ton of other fun stuff. They have a pretty fun blog. That's where I found all of these cards: 

This last card led me to another fantastic card blog, 
where I think just about every card, if not all, 
are absolutely perfect!

Here are some other cute ideas for cards...


a nice way to use those scraps that pile up...

And to finish up, I really love buttons, and fabric. So to add them to cards is always a treat!


love this fabric postcard idea!

Picture Links:
Unity Co cards and stamps:  unityco.com ???
Both of the button brad Thank You cards: from CraftySteals.com 


  1. I think I would actually enjoy card making if I just got started. Not holding my breath, though. ;) Cute ideas.

  2. Wow, thanks for the shout out Diane. Off to explore your blog further :)


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