Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blog Update

I am currently coming back to blog land, and have been working on cleaning up my blog a little bit.
I wanted to let you know that I just finished fixing my Tutorials tab at the top of the posts. There is now a nice, clean picture list of all the tutorials I have done on my blog, linked to their tutorials. There aren't a lot, but I do have a few on the way (3 or 4 more I'm hoping to get out by the end of next month, at least. Plus I need to bring a few over from my old blog). I also pretty much finished my Made It tab, but still need to link the pictures. It is now much easier to brows (is that the right spelling for this meaning???) through the different projects I've made.

I also have a giveaway planned for next month, a big announcement to make, along with a sew-along (if you want to join me). I have a super big kid project I'm working on, but have been a little stumped with, and thought it might help to blog the process. It will be fun. :)

I really have so many projects I need to finish, so I'm hoping that planning it all out on my blog will help me get everything finished up. :) Good luck with that right?! haha.

Thanks for joining me!

And here's a random picture to add some interest to this post. Haha. :)

some random side street in Wuerzburg Germany.
I LOVE the art on this wall!



  2. historical place og bangladesh


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