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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Announcing the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop!

The blog hop has now started! You can find the official Kick Off post HERE
It has ALL the details, including prizes and the special link up!

Hey Everyone!! I am SO excited to finally announce the upcoming Friendship Quilts Blog Hop!! I've got an awesome line up for you of great bloggers with creative ideas, and for the cherry on top, some AMAZING prizes from some fantastic sponsors!! Are you ready for this?!

Friendship Quilts Blog Hop @ from blank pages...

A few months ago as I was thinking about the onset of fall it made me kind of sad, even though fall is my FAVORITE season. As the weather cools down and everyone goes back to school, it seems to be a time where everyone heads indoors and says goodbye to their friends. But not this year!!

This year, through the month of September we will be having the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop! A time to make beautiful items for that special friend of yours! Each blogger will be sharing a project they made for a special friend. There will be tutorials and wonderful inspirations, as well as some good cozy stories spotlighting our wonderful friends! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and your cozy quilt and come along for the journey. :)

But wait! That's not all. After we've all showed you our projects, you can link up your projects and share with us what you've made for your friend(s). The items can range from coasters, mug rugs, quilts, bags, pillows, etc. The possibilities are endless! The linky will be open for one week and then will close for voting. I have some great judges lined up to pick their favorite projects. (Do you know Faith, Megan and Lee?! I'm sure you do, and if you don't you better go meet them!!!) Then the judges picks as well as a bunch of randomly picked winners will be announced with the prizes they've won. :)


There is a catch to the projects, and a theme to everything we'll be sharing. Do you remember back in the 80's... and carried over into the 90's, as well as coming back into fashion now, those friendship bracelets we all made for our BFF's?! They always seemed to have a special significance as they were never given out to just anyone. They were always shared between the bestest of friends. Instead of making bracelets, I decided it would be great to put those same designs into sewing and quilting, since that is what we do best! Every project you'll see through the month of September will resemble a friendship bracelet design.  This is going to be LIKE TOTALLY RAD!! So I highly recommend that you hold off and see what we're talking about before you begin. ;) (To be qualified for the giveaway your projects must carry over this same resemblance as well. These aren't just any goodies to give to your friends. They're BFF goodies.)

Alright already, enough info, are you ready to see this line up and hear about the amazing prizes?! Ok, ok, here they are...
the schedule runs Monday through Friday with weekends open for spotlights and recaps.

3: Friendship Quilts Kick Off! at from blank pages..., THAT'S ME!
4: Diane of from blank pages..., me again, I'll share my project and a tutorial first
5: Whitney of The Peacock Tree
6: January T of Sew Sew Go
7: Melinda of Quirky Granola Girl

10: Courtney of Mon Petit Lyons
11: Jill of Made with Moxie
12: Danielle of Fresh off the Spool
13: Kelsey of Kelsey Sews
14: Kristy of Quiet Play

17: Marika of Live, Laugh, Love... Sew
18: Karen of Sew Well Maid
19: Rachael of imagine gnats
20: Katie of There & Back
21: Lori of Lori H. Designs

24: A SURPRISE LINKY PARTY OPENS!!! (You do NOT want to miss this one!)
25: Secret
26: Secret
27: Secret
28: Link up closes for projects
30: Suprise Linky closes
October 1st: at from blank pages...  Judges Picks announced, Random drawing for the rest of the prizes,

And so I don't give it ALL away, here's a list of the great sponsors, but I'm saving their awesome prizes for the Kick Off!! ;)


Free Shipping on orders $35+

Generous Contributors!

Pink Chalk Fabrics


A HUGE thank you to everyone who is participating in this event! And especially to our generous sponsors! You are going to LOVE what they are giving away!

Are you excited?!?! I know I am. ;)

Be sure to grab a button and help spread the word!!

Frienship Quilts Blog Hop @ from blank pages...



  1. Button shared. Can't wait!

  2. so excited!! i have started designing and can't wait to get sewing!

  3. Very exciting! I'm hoping to start working on my project today! Pattern is printed, fabric selected, just need to sew sew sew!


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