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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quilt Journal

I having been preparing for a HUGE destash, as I want to send a lot of my fabric to homes that will use it and enjoy it more than I am. (I'd love to keep it all, but that's just loco. I don't have the time to use it all.) ;)

As I've been going through my fabrics, I realize that there are some that I don't want to get rid of, even though I'll never use them again. Most of the time it's because they are fabrics that I used in quilts for my children, or other special quilts or projects. That emotional attachment can be a pain when you are trying to lighten your load. So I decided to create a Quilt Journal! A place that I can document each of my special quilts, or projects, and save a snippet of the fabrics I've used. That way I don't have to keep moving these fabrics all over the country, but still be able to see them and remember them.

I finished my first quilt journal entry yesterday morning!

This is the first quilt I ever made. When I was pregnant my step-mom told me I should make a quilt for my first baby, and she taught me how to quilt. I picked a pattern out of one of her quilt books, we went shopping at Joann's. She taught me how to piece, use a rotary cutter, iron, and all that good stuff! It was awesome! I hadn't yet discovered modern fabrics, or the modern quilt crave, so when I finished this quilt I was good to not necessarily do it again. Although I did enjoy it. When I was pregnant with my second son I figured I needed to make a quilt for him too... and for my third baby. Third times a charm I guess because that's when I found all the beautiful fabrics (my first FQ bundle purchase was Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane - I knew she would be a girl!) and all the amazing bloggers and modern quilters. Let the love of quilting begin! So anyway, those will be my next quilt journal entries. And I'm glad that I've kept those scraps from those quilts so that I can tape them into my little journal! :)

To explain the above picture: There is a space for the Project: Hunter's Baby Quilt; For (as in recipient); Date: (I put the start and finish dates); Place: I started it in Logan and finished when we lived in Orem; Pattern: to document which pattern you used; Story: the story behind the quilt; Fabrics: if you used a certain collection or designer or something.

My story was long so I just continued it into the fabric section, which works perfectly. Both sides of the paper are completely lined for as much writing as you want to do. I printed a picture of the quilt, front and the quilting on the back. I taped it to the page on the right side only. It can be easily flipped up and underneath I have layered and taped fabric pieces in the same manner - they can also be flipped up on the left so you can better see each print. This works really well and actually isn't bulky at all. I'm sure after I enter a lot of quilts, it will bulk up a little, but this is awesome for now. :)

Here's a screen shot of the cover: you can write your name on the front. I'll also add the dates that my quilts cover once I get enough in there. If I make enough quilts in one year, I'll make a book for every year.

Here's a screen shot of the inside pages:

I included some basic instructions on how to create your Quilt Journal, as well as simple binding instructions. I love making books, and though I only know the basics in skill level, it's still fun and I love them!  


 You can easily create your very own quilt journal! I printed mine on card stock, hoping it will hold up a bit better to the added weight of taping in fabrics and photos.

If you would like to purchase my template you can do so on Craftsy and Etsy. and if you do I'd love to see them in use!! If your on Instagram you can tag them with #fbpQuiltJournal and #fbpPatterns. :) Or send me an email! I love that too. :)


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  1. Such A fun Idea! I've started something similar. I've used a binder though for mine with plastic wallets, dividers. I've used lined paper and graph paper for my quilt sketches. I also have templates and such in the back of it. I'm still deciding whether to cover it in fabric or not....


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