Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Birthday Week! Coupon and Surprise Sale!!

It's my birthday this week, and now that the week is half over.... oops, let's get this party started! ;)

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We just spent two weeks being sick, and now it's spring break, and I decided that a nice relaxing birthday week is in order this year. So I'm starting the week off with a coupon!

I'm turning 34 this year, and it feels pretty good! I don't feel young anymore, but I don't feel old either. I feel a greater sense of maturity as I emerge from some of life's trials, and although I feel a little bruised and banged up, it feels to have my feet underneath me and my head on my shoulders, and to feel in control of my future.

I actually had a really strange dream last night, that really doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I just have to share it. I dreamt that our house was right on the beach, so the back door opened up to the ocean. I came downstairs and the tide had risen so high that the waves and the ocean level were halfway up the windows and rising. I ran and told my hubby, and then I woke up in my dream. Like I dreamt it inside my dream. It was weird. So then I went and looked out the back door, and this was at night time, and the tide really was rising!! We had a bunch of towels that were starting to get washed away so I called for my hubby again to come help me, and I scrambled to pick up all the towels and shoes and things that were getting moved around by the waves. The tide was rising fast though, so I finally had to stop. Then I just watched as the water rose. Magically it didn't break the windows as the water rolled against the house. And magically there was only a very small leak in the door, and only a drip of water was coming in. (This was definitely not the house we live in now!!! It would have been flooded in seconds! lol) Anyway, So then I watched as the water rose above the windows and I could see things swimming around in the water. (And then for a moment there was a man that was getting pushed up again our house and all I could see were his red swimsuit and his legs. Weird!) So then I told my hubby that we all had to sleep upstairs because if the windows broke under the pressure I didn't want anyone to drown. So next scene, it was morning, and our house had broken away from the land and we were floating out in the ocean. We floated calmly for a while and then we were floating up a river with lots of buildings all around us. I wondered how in the world our house wasn't scraping along the bottom of the river! lol. It was so weird.

Anyway, if anyone is a dream interpreter, feel free to interpret! ;)

Alright, so since I'm turning 34, how about a 34% off coupon?! That's a pretty good deal!

Save 34% OFF everything in my shop!!

Use code: "BIRTHDAY34"
expires Friday March 18th at midnight

Code also works in my Etsy shop!

This is a great time to purchase some of the larger patterns, or a few different patterns, that you've had your eye on! Just saying! ;)

But the fun doesn't end there!

From March 19th to the 21st (Saturday to Monday) I am doing a surprise sale!

For this one time ONLY you can purchase each of the first three Zodiac BOM patterns individually! I've had a few requests for the individual patterns, and while they won't officially be available individually until December, here's your chance to get them without waiting! So if you don't want to buy the entire set (which is actually a mega steal!! Especially with the birthday coupon!) Be sure to mark your calendar!!

I started plugging my blocks into the Sampler Quilt Layout. I am really excited to finish filling it in!


My Aquarius mini, using 4 - 9 inch blocks


 I would really LOVE to make this Pisces quilt! I need a little extra time for my birthday! ;)

and Aries:

 The Aries block won't be released until the 20th, so if you grab it this weekend, you'll actually be the first to get it! ;)

 The patterns will be available in my shop ONLY! You can find them HERE! Though they will only show up on March 19th, 20th, and 21st. Or you can find them by searching "sale" on my website.

ALSO, if anyone is interested, I'm having a BUY 3 get 1 FREE in my instagram destash account! For a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Just tag what you want, and I will mark every fourth item (of equal or lesser value) for FREE when I send your invoice! If you buy 8 items, you'll get 2 for free, and so on!

Thanks for helping me clear out my stash! :)

Alright, that's it! Now it's time to go relax... ;)
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!



  1. I have heard that dreaming about water means you're pregnant. :)

  2. Sounds like something you are trying to fight/escape from, you are finally coming to terms about.

    Of course, you could have just had a crazy dream ;)


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