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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Zodiac BOM: Gemini Block

Not sure what happened with the last few months... oh wait, yes I do. I wrote about it in my last post. :/ (ps. THANK YOU for ALL of your LOVE! Comments, and support!! You are the BEST!! seriously. You lifted my spirits and opened my eyes to the world of food intolerance. I had NO idea it was such a common issue. Hugs to all of you! Though that is a different blog post for another day. But I couldn't NOT say thank you! So Thank you! again.) Anyway, as I was saying... I totally missed sharing the Aries block AND the Taurus blocks for the Zodiac BOM. I guess I'll save those for another day as well. ;)

But for TODAY I do want to share my  

Gemini block

 I LOVE these Sandi Henderson prints and colors together! For some reason this color of pink makes me think of strawberry ice cream... and I want to lick it!!

ok, now wipe off your screen so you can read the rest of this post. ;)

Would you like to look at more pictures??? of course you do.

Here is a little mock-up I made a while ago of some different design options for an all Gemini quilt.

These blocks are so versatile. I love it! AND I need more time to make all the variations!

For mother's day my hubby bought me some fabric (let me clarify: I bought it he wrapped it up. It's progress. I'll take it! ps. He's the best!!!) I chose a bundle of 1Canoe2's Tucker Prairie! It's SO gorgeous! I LOVE her style!!

Anyway, I decided to make a quilt with it using my Gemini block and my Taurus block together. I think this is how I want it to look, but I'm not 100% convinced.

What do you think? Should I make this?
I do love how well the blocks go together!

AND one more...

Here are all of my finished quilt blocks so far for the Zodiac BOM. 
I can't wait to fill in the rest of the blocks to see how the colors come together.

If you are already making Zodiac blocks, make sure to add #fbpZodiacBOM to your photos on Instagram! I love to see them!! And the blocks people are making are AMAZING!! Definitely check out the link! Or you can share your photos in my facebook group (I'm still figuring out the whole facebook group thing, so it's kind of boring, but soon it will be awesome!!!) ;)

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Thanks everyone for reading along and checking out my block! :) You are the best!
I hope you are having fun creating beautiful things!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Why wouldn't you make your version using the Gemini and the Taurus blocks? It is fantastic!


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