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Friday, June 30, 2017

A heads up would have been nice... #blogproblems

Warning: a little rant...

If you are reading this on your computer you might be able to see a whole bunch of these all over my blog:

I have almost all of my sidebar images and branding images, and some blog post photos hosted over at photobucket. I've had them there for years (since 2008). It's been great! (I used to use flickr, but then they changed and I couldn't load a simple photo anymore so I stopped using them a long time ago.)

Anyway, a took a look at my blog today and saw a whole bunch of these!!

ug. that's ugly.

So I went over to photobucket.com/p500 and took a look at what upgrading entailed. First of all I couldn't look at anything for a good 5 minutes because I kept getting overrun by popup ads, which also entailed signing up for a new account that I didn't want and didn't mean to do. Frustrating to say the least.

I finally got logged in and took a look... $399 a year to put my pictures on my blog (or $39/month). I don't even pay that much for my Shopify store! Sticker shock is an understatement, especially with no warning what-so-ever that my pictures would suddenly be gone and that I might need to come up with another plan for hosting my images if I don't agree to pay them the big bucks. An email might have been a nice courtesy to your potential customer, Photobucket.

Perhaps their their reasoning behind this suprise tacktic is knowing that no one is going to want to leave their site filled with the above images, and so out of sheer laziness or lack of immediate options, they suppose everyone will just sign up. And perhaps they will...

Me, not so much. Photobucket, you're out.

Why am I sharing this? Because unfortunately my blog is going to be ugly for a while. I don't currently have the time to replace all my images at the moment... so for hopefully a short time, this is what you'll see. I'm sorry. Hopefully everyone reads this on their phone and then it won't be a big deal. ;)

So here is my disclaimer... ugly blog. please don't judge a blog (my blog) by it's appearance.

Update: I just looked and saw that they are going to delete my account in 2 days! What??!! I get they would do that to people who never log in or use the service, but I do. And it makes me even more confused that they wouldn't inform me of any of this! anyway.... just a little frustrating. I will now never recommend Photobucket to anyone.

Otherwise, happy weekend!!! :)


  1. So that's what's up. I feel for those of you who have a ton of stuff hosted there.

  2. I won't judge you for their failings. Good luck.

  3. Good grief!! What a lot of hooey - and this is my 2nd typing of this message as it auto-deleted my first one!
    I'd be furious... so sorry you're having to deal with this RUDE treatment.


  4. I'd be furious too! This would make me definitly NOT want to use them either!! Have a great holiday weekend :)


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