Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cash Envelope Tutorial and UPDATE

Ok, I am really sorry for the delay in posting the tutorial for this. I am still a bit sick, cough cough, and it is miserable! I've heard a couple of other people have had the same thing, which drags on and on, so unfortunately I'm not the only one. Hopefully none of you get whatever this is!

Anyway, I was thinking of just drawing up the tutorial, because honestly I have no desire to sew or craft, or do anything besides lay in bed, eat and read. ;) (not so bad I guess) haha. But THANK YOU THANK YOU Julie, who noticed that Walter and Veronica posted a link to their cash envelope tutorial on their etsy site!! Awesome!! :)

You can go to their site and buy the pattern for super cheap! She basically sells it at cost with minimum profits, which is super nice of her! :)

She is expecting their 3rd, so has closed everything down. Congrats!!! :) and hope all goes well!

She of course used oil cloth, which is a little different than using cotton. When I made mine I made some adjustments that I now realize I didn't need to make.

Here are the differences that you DO need to make when using cotton:

I do not want to take away from her tutorial, so I do want to still direct you there, but here is a list of everything you need (this will make it easier to list the differences):

(I originally had the measurements posted here, but took them off since her pattern is now for sale. It would be greatly appreciated if you could support her and buy her pattern, and if you have questions after that, I'd be happy to help you where anything doesn't make sense.)

Oilcloth or COTTON (the black pieces are needed in both projects. What is in red is what you need to cut extra for the cotton version - cut the same size)
(1) main piece  plus (1) same size in lightweight interfacing 
(2) interior large pockets  plus (2) lightweight interfacing, 
(3) card pockets  plus (3) lightweight interfacing, 
(1) driver's license pocket plus (1) lightweight interfacing, 
(1) checkbook/reciept/shopping list pocket plus (1) lightweight interfacing
(2) closure for velcro pieces 
(6) zipper pocket pieces  ***see the end of this post for variation
Optional: (1) decorative piece going across main piece plus (1) lightweight interfacing

You will also need vinyl, velcro and zippers - the same as what is in the pattern.

Each lightweight interfacing piece will help keep the pockets and pieces more durable, and be able to better handle all the wear and tear. Cut the same size of the pieces and iron on the wrong sides of the fabric. 

Make everything the same, until you get to the bottom of PAGE 8.

"With wrong RIGHT sides together of the main piece and large interior pockets, sandwich the velcro closure between them and stitch all around the wallet using a 1/4" seam allowance."  

-- make sure the velcro closure is turned the right way inside so when you turn it inside out, it is facing the right way. (I always do a practice turning before I sew to make sure I get it right.)

On Page 9 - you don't really need to trim and square off any edges, or zig zag around the edges, since they will be turned in. You DO NEED TO TRIM THE CORNERS

I did add another step here as well. After you trim the corners, turn it right side out and sew all the way around the edge of the whole thing - as close to the edge as you can (or at least about 1/8" from the edge - no more. This will help keep it's shape, and adds a nice finished touch. :)

Make everything else the same and you are done!! :)

*** I did make all of my pockets out of different fabric.
If you only want three different fabrics, you can simply cut two pieces of each fabric, and use matching fabrics when making the pockets. But if you want them all different here's what you need to do:

instead of cutting
(6) zipper pocket pieces 
cut (2) each of (6) fabrics 7.75"w x 4.25"h 

which means you'll have 12 different pieces, 2 of each fabric. 
Then figure out what order you want them in your book and put them in that order. Then take the outer two fabrics and put those aside together. Then the next two outer fabrics and put them aside together. And the two fabrics that are in the very middle will be together. (does that make sense?)

Next take one of the sets, take one of each of the two fabrics, and sew them together, right sides facing, along the 7.75" sides. Do this with all of the fabrics, matching one fabric with the other. you will then have 6 pieces of fabric that measure 7.75" x 8" - each consisting of two different fabrics. 

Continue on with the instructions, making sure that when you sew the zippers to the fabric, you match up the fabrics. 
Making the pockets this way makes it a little trickier when sewing the vinyl pockets on. You can wait to sew them on until after you sew the zippers on, but before you sew the pockets closed. (to make sure they all end up in the right places.)
It doesn't matter that the pockets are open (between the fabric) because when you sew the pockets to the cover, you will sew right down the center where the two fabrics meet, and it will look beautiful! :)


I'd love to see all of them when you are finished!!! Leave me a comment and let me know when you've posted yours! :) Or you can send me pictures and I'd love to showcase them! :)

If you have any questions please let me know and I'd love to go into more detail or help you in any way I can! :) Sorry I've been such a lug... Good luck and happy sewing! :)


  1. Great tutorial!

    I tagged you in a fun "get to know you"...come play along if you would like!

  2. You are welcome! I'm the Julie that found it. I was so determined to find a tutorial to make it because I cannot figure it out on my own and stumbled upon it. I'm glad I could help everyone. Thanks for your updates to it. I hope you feel better!

  3. love this!!! totally going to make one...i love the cotton.


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