Friday, April 29, 2011

I won! :)

Malka from A Stitch in Dye did a give away for some sample packs of Saral transfer paper, and I won! :) I'm so excited! She has a lot of cute examples of using it to write on fabric and then FMQ (free motion quilting) over it... and I love it! It will be so perfect to use on Mabel's quilt too, since it will be a sure fire way of putting her name and birthday and such on it! Yippy! :) (can you tell I'm excited?!!)

Anyway, I'm getting closer with the quilt and I'm getting really excited about it. I went and bought the backing fabric for it today, a medium pink minky dots. (I have to use the minky dots since that's what I did on both of the boys quilts). I wanted to use a nice green, but they didn't have a good color, and I think the pink will turn out nice. I also got some pink and green thread to quilt it with. I hope it will turn out (I am still a little nervous about that part of it).

Can I also just say that I am amazed at all the talent out there in the quilting-blogging world. There are a lot of nice, and very talented people, and it really does make me feel like a novice. I've been sewing forever, but getting into the whole quilting realm is definitely new to me (I'd say making 5 or 6 quilts puts me no where close to knowing what I'm doing - or being great at it). I find that the more I explore it the more I want to try patterns and techniques that I've never done before, or were never interested in trying. I'm a little afraid that once I start I won't be able to stop! We'll see what I have/make time for once the little one arrives, but I sure am enjoying it now. :) It's funny how your interests can change so quickly. :)

Anyway, if you couldn't tell, today is a good day! I'm finally off of bed rest, and boy can I tell you, it is a night and day difference with how I feel! I can finally do what I want to do and not feel guilty about it. Like cleaning (yes! I have a clean house again!), or going shopping, or being able to buy milk when we're out. :) It was depressing feeling unable to do anything for myself or my family. And now I really appreciate being able to serve and help them. I guess there is always something good to learn from our experiences. The end.

Have a great day!


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