Saturday, June 18, 2011

Made It: Favorite Block

Today is one of those days, ok, more like this week was one of those weeks. It's been a good week and we've had fun, but I definitely am going through some baby blues. Ug. And what makes it worse?! I haven't had any time to sew! (lol. I think that's what's kept me sane so far. ;) ) Anyway, today Neil was so kind to go grocery shopping without me and left me home with two sleeping babies. He told me to take a nap before he left... but no way! I jumped right on my sewing machine and finished up two more blocks of my quilt! :) I really want to finish that thing up like today! (probably won't happen).

I didn't even think of taking a picture of the first block, but the second one made me so happy! I like my other ones, but until this one I didn't have a favorite. It just makes me happy.


I didn't have a plan for it at all, just kind of went with it as I sewed. The quality isn't super, but I like it. Mountains, rainbows, clouds and the sun and sun rays. This would be fun to quilt on a nice bright colorful block! I think it could brighten up anyone's day! :)

Here's the back:


I really love all of the creative freedom that comes with FMQ. I also love this picnic blanket and that it's totally been something I've been able to be totally free with and just do whatever with no expectations. I can't WAIT to use it!!! The minute it's done we are having a picnic. :)


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