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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...to blank walls

Rossie, over at her blog,  posted this quote and I REALLY love it!

"My father’s an artist and I remember talking to him about wanting to be an artist and saying to him if I can do art that changes people over time, shows them something for a second or a minute, changes their mind about something, that would be really worthwhile."  --Phil Toledano  via The 99 Percent.

She continues by saying, "I don't like the distinction that craft produces "useful" objects and art produces "not useful"and I love this sentiment about the use of art...to change people, to show them something, to open them up and get them thinking."

I REALLY love the idea of creating something that can change people, that can show them something, and ultimately be influential in their lives for good. 

I just finished filling out a form to join do.Good Stitches, started by Rachel at Stitched in Color. I suggested a new charity, Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Aid, as I want to start making quilts and wall hangings to donate anyway. (Remember this blog I started... last week?) Well, I thought if I could join up with her, maybe I could get some people to join me and help out. (Do you want to join me? We can still start without being a member of do.Good Stitches. ... I'm just not sure what the best way to get started with it is.)

Anyway, going back to the quote,  I can't help thinking of all the "art" that is being created every day, especially as I see more and more quilting and sewing blogs. What a fun way to create art: Quilts. A great way to make "art" and a "craft". As I was filling out the form, I went back to the general guidelines sheet for the quilts and read this statement that really jumped out at me, 

"Quilted and Tied quilts are intended to warm not only the body but the spirit as well.

(I have to throw in this quote as well that is from the wall hanging guidelines sheet:
"Some orphanages around the world have bare walls. The wall hanging is intended to provide a colorful decoration that will stimulate the child and promote development. ...Let's give these children our very best.") = art that will change them. show them.

Quilts as Art and Craft. What could be better than creating something that can benefit people in the physical manner as well as the spiritual/emotional. "to change people". A lot of my desire for doing this is to help change people for good, show them something for a second: show them the love of God, that people care about them, that despite the poverty or disasters, or trials of life, we can be happy, there is beauty and kindness and love in the world.

As I think about this cause and all the "projects" I try and start all the time, I keep thinking that out of all of my ambitious endeavors, this is one thing that I really want to do and have happen. Especially in the last year or so, as I work on projects, and especially as I have made things for my Etsy shop or myself, I can't help thinking that I should be putting my efforts towards making things for people in need. When the earthquake hit Haiti last year I decided to donate 10% of all purchases from my shop to the Humanitarian Aid Organization to help people all around the world, and have been doing that since. (And I really appreciate the support that others give by purchasing by items from my shop. Thank You!!) But I can't help wanting to do more. 

Art that influences, that changes people, that "changes their minds about something, that would be really worthwhile." and I can't agree more. To be able to do that for people around the world, to lift their spirits, would be even more so. Anyway, I'm not sure what my whole point is, perhaps just some rambling, but I guess in the end I'm just solidifying my thoughts and feelings on this. and I can't help but be more motivated and dedicated, and excited, by this quote.  To have a purpose and a motivation to create. 

If you think about this quote at all, I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)
and if you're interested, stop on by ...to blank walls.


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