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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finish It Up! Challenge with Meg

Over at Fashioned by Meg, Meg's got a Finish It Up! Challenge, and I think this is exactly what I need! I have really been aching to get a lot of my projects finished, especially with so many projects I want to start. :) After I heard about the challenge I started thinking about ALL of the projects I've started and haven't finished, and boy is this going to be a long list! lol.

Well, here it goes!
  1. Picnic Blanket: I am already working on this one, and it's ALMOST done! What I thought would take me all summer is going way faster than I thought. I only have 7 more blocks left, and I'm debating on doing some straight line quilting in between all of the blocks (be lazy and get it done? or do the finishing touches so I don't look at it as unfinished for the rest of its life?) :)
  2. Mabel's Quilt: this thing is so off and on. Top is finished, just need to baste, quilt and bind it.
  3. Lola's Coin Quilt: The top is mostly finished, I just want to applique a tree on it, then baste, quilt and bind.
  4. Bottle Rainbows quilt: I have the center pieces cut and sewed, but still need to cut out the batting and do everything else after that.
  5. Car Mat: I have the roads on it, the lake and a few other things cut out. For the back I have the alphabet and numbers cut out to sew around the edges.
  6. Alphabet Letters: I started making these to go along with the felt numbers I made for Hunter. I just need to finish sewing them up.
  7.  Gathered Clutch: I cut out the fabric to make another clutch when I made my first one. I like it so much, that I never finished the second one up. 
  8. Matchbook notebooks: I started making these for the girls when they go to girls camp. I have a bunch of the paper cut up and ready to fold, but wasn't able to finish them when I started and haven't worked on them since. (I think that is the story of most of my projects. It's hard to have enough time to finish things with three little kiddos running around.)
  9. I do have some curtains that need to be finished, but now I don't know if I really like them that much, or if I ever want to hang them up in our living room. I think I'll probably end up using the fabric for something else instead. Guess I'll have to figure it out.
  10. Christmas Advent Calendar: I wanted to make this last December but didn't get to it. I finished cutting it out and knew it would be a while before I actually sewed it together, but this would be a good one to finish this summer so it's for sure ready by December. :)
  11.  Erasable Activity Books: I cut out all the fabric and everything last year some time, just haven't gotten around to making them. I wanted to work on them this week, but that didn't happen either. Once their finished I'll add them to my shop. (if you want to request one let me know and I'll get it done first thing!)
  12. Fabric Match Game    I have some more fabric and shapes cut out to make some more Fabric Matching Games for my shop as well. These ones will have cute patterned fabric instead of the brown herringbone or pink wool that I used on my other ones. I think I've finally used up all of that fabric. Just need to get them sewn up and listed. These ones are a little larger. I think originally I was going to make bean bags with the fabric.
(I might come back and add more pictures, or just post pictures as I work on them.)

The Challenge goes from now until August! It will be nice to see what I can get done in that time - I'm sure not everything, but hopefully more than I would otherwise.



  1. You have some really lovely projects going on here! I love the erasable activity book! I have never seen anything like it! My girls would love those.

  2. I've jumped aboard Meg's bandwagon too - and I have two Christmas WIPs, maybe we'll both get our projects done for this year!


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