Wednesday, June 8, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday #7

Finished Projects:
 Last week I totally forgot about a couple of projects that I had finished up. It took a while to get back to the sewing machine after coming home from the hospital, but the first thing I started and finished were reusable nursing pads. :) No more buying boxes of cotton ones that stick, if you know what I mean. ;) I used this tutorial, but ended up cutting little wedges out of them so I could give them a little more shape, which I am really glad I did. I just used some old flannel fabric that I've literally had for 15 years+/- (it was supposed to be for a siblings Christmas present, but my mom didn't finish them in time so I never gave them away. Lol. :) The joys of being young and wanting to give home made gifts that I didn't know how to make myself.)


The second project that I finished up was a new car seat cover! I have one that is two layers of fleece that I made for my first son, but that would be death in the summer, so instead I went to Savers (the thrift store here) and bought a few old sheets and cut them up and sewed them. I really actually love how it turned out.  Plus, in the hot summer it won't be too hot to keep on, and the thin fabric will be very breathable. If it ever warms up here I'll be able to test out my "theory" of hoping it will keep her shaded and cool, but still protected. Until then we are enjoying it and getting a lot of use out of it.

DSC_1011  DSC_1009


Since last week I finished up the travel/take-along car mats for my boys. They love them. which I love. I decided after finishing the first one that it would have been nice to number the pockets, to help add an extra place in life to learn numbers and counting, but I didn't want to redo anything, so I made sure to put them on my younger sons mat. They told me the colors they wanted, and then I picked out the fabric from there. I think they're fun. The design of the yellow one reminds me of the jungle, I'm not sure why.

I also finished the top of Mabel's Quilt! You can read more about it here (I was going to post about it yesterday, but that didn't end up happening). Hopefully later today I'll get that done. Can I just say that this was probably the biggest improv project I've ever done. I messed up so many times right from the beginning, but I just kept going with it and it still worked. :) It's like they say, the only thing constant is change... and that is this quilt in a nutshell. :)



I love the pictures that everyone takes from the back of their quilts, aka showing all the seam allowances, so I had to give it a try. I think it looks better from the back then it does from the front. ;) At least I haven't quite figured out how to get a good picture of it that way.


Still in progress:

I'm still working on my picnic blanket! (click on the link for a few fun sample squares and for where to find the rest) And it's coming along nicely! I think I got about 10 more squares quilted since I posted last week (and that was all in one day.) I'm so excited to finish it! I didn't have enough safety pins when I first pinned it, so I need to lay it out again and pin the rest of the squares so I can finish them. It's been a fun creative process. There is only one square that I really think is ugly, but oh well. ;)

I still need to finish up my mug rugs, as well as Lola's Coin Quilt. Instead of the flowers that Quiltstory put on theirs I want to put a tree to match the fabric, but who knows when I'll end up making that. ;) I know how I want to do the back, so I think if I can just do it it will be done lickity split.

I also need to pick out my fabric for the Kaleidoscope QAL.  But after reading this post  by Jeni from In Color Order, on organizing your fabric stash by color, I really want to re-organize my fabric first. I already have it sorted by color, but I like the detail she goes into - which I think would make it easier to pick out fabric as she talks about here. (Actually there are lots of little posts about it, so just go here instead, and you can see the whole series.)

One more thing I want to finish up quick are my felt alphabet letters. They just get so tedious and boring... I mean, zigzagging around 26 letters isn't the most exciting project. ;) But they are fun to use and help Hunter with learning his letters and colors. I already have the numbers done.

New projects:
I've finally figured out what I want to do for my sewing machine cover! I want to do the back in diamonds like this quilt, and do the front a simple solid color with vertical wonky straight line stitching, with some different sized hexagons on the left side. We'll see if I can pull it off. Trying to figure out how to get the right sized diamonds is proving to be difficult. It will be fun to try something new though, so no promises that it will actually look good. ;) Though I am crossing my fingers. I found the tutorial for the quilt, and this tutorial to teach me how to do diamonds. I think on the latter you're actually supposed to cut your strips 1/2" narrower than the finished height that you want. At least with playing around that is the conclusion I am coming to. We'll see if I can figure it out. Any tips?!

Still on the side lines:
Bottled Rainbows QAL (so much for quilting along. I still have a little time to catch up though.) ;)

This weeks stats:
New Projects: 1
Completed Projects: 3
In progress: 6

I feel like I type so much in my WIP posts, but life seems busy, and I feel like this is the only time to blog about half these projects, so until I find more time to blog, I guess it will just be that way. ;)



  1. i love Savers for getting good vintage sheets. i love the prints on the ones you used for your carseat cover. i haven't had luck on my last 2 savers visits. i'll cross my fingers for the next trip.

  2. I love Mabel's quilt - I think it turned out great!! Congratulations on your newest little one, by the way!

  3. Mabel's Quilt is so wonderful! I love the breezy colors and prints. Very fun lead window effect in the photos. :)


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