Thursday, November 10, 2011

[3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee

A couple weeks ago I signed up for the [3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee on Flickr, and so far it's looking to be pretty fun! How it works is there are 7 of us and we each pick one block that we make for all the other members of our group - except that each person has their own color choices picked out and we make their block in their colors. So when I'm finished I'll have made 6 of the exact same block in 6 different color schemes. I think it will be a lot of fun!

For now the hard part is picking a block! 

[3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee - block ideas

Here's what I'm liking right now. The top two were my two original designs that I was going to try out (in my own colors) to see if I want to make 6 more of them. I think the top right I would maybe do a 4 square of that pattern for each 12" by 12" block, or it would be cool to do them really small and make it 3x3! That was what I was originally thinking.

But then I made this block


and absolutely LOVED working with HST's and so now I am leaning more toward the bottom two blocks.... and I think the bottom left might just be my favorite! It looks like it would be fun to make, as well as being visually interesting.

hum... what to do. After I finish up the quilt and my Christmas mini I think I'll get started with this and see what I can come up with. ;) I am loving my sewing machine! ;)

p.s. Thank you everyone for your wonderful ideas for the binding on Mikaela's quilt.  It's always nice to have another opinion. I think I would love to do black, but I just don't think she would love black. I would also love to do stripes, but I don't have any good ones for this. I think I've decided to go with  Kona Natural Bone and add a few sections of color. I was thinking white would be a bold border, but when I tried it it was too bright. Crossing my fingers that this will work, but I think it will. :)


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