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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VT message: It's Better to Look Up!

Since we had General Conference last month, we can pick what we want to share for our visiting teaching message. As I was looking through the different talks this one stood out to me, "It Is Better to Look Up" by Carl B. Cook. It is such a good talk.

Anyway, to make it fun I decided to put together a cute card. I like quotes and although my collection of them is everywhere, I still like them, and suppose that others do to. If you want to use it you are more than welcome to download it here. :)  (just a warning. the font looks weird on the page, but when you download it, it looks a lot better.)

oh, and I made this with a free mini kit shared by MyMemories (they have a great digital scrapbooking software, along with lots of digital papers, kits, etc. - check out my sidebar for a code to save $10. I'm really not trying to advertise here, just letting you know where I got the cute stuff from! and trying to help you save money). ;) They have Friday Freebies on facebook.


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