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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Christmas Project

I haven't really thought too much about Christmas sewing until tonight. I've been having the boys use their place mats a lot more lately (and I really want to make them new ones!!!), and as we sat down to dinner tonight I thought about how fun it would be if we all had a place mat... and if they were all Christmas-y! That we each had our own that we used each year! a new Christmas season tradition!

Savvy Seasons Mosaic
click on the picture to see all the links to the creators

Then I started thinking about what I could put on each of them! Neil said he wanted a Santa, but Hunter couldn't decide. I said I'd look for pictures and let him pick something. That's where the trouble began. There are TOO many ideas! and I feel like I haven't even begun to find things. Anyway, I made up a board on Pintrest where I'm putting most of my inspirations (I have a lot in my favorites on Flickr as well), some aren't my favorite, but in some way or another they are inspiring. I want to make each placemat specific to each of us so we can love them forever! ;)

Savvy Seasons Swap Mosaic

Anyway, I'm super excited for this! So besides a few Christmas presents I want to make (most excited for the boys capes! I think they will LOVE them!) I want to make place mats this year. :)

I thought it would be a quick thing... but now I'm wondering if this is going to end up being a big project?! I always seam to make things bigger than they need to be! ;)

A few notes for me to remember that I want to include:
 - each one has a different picture (santa, trees, presents, etc.)
 - put our initial or something on it so we remember whose is who's (??? did I do that right?) :)
 - although I'm tempted, don't ticker tape them! piece them! I think they'll be easier to keep clean if there aren't a bunch of raw edges.

I can't seem to pin this link, but it has an awesome candle that would be fun to piece!

Dad - Santa
Mom- trees w/star
Hubert- train with presents
Jacks- snowman w/wonky trees
Mabes- snowflakes???


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