Monday, March 26, 2012

and the Winners are....

I hope you all had fun last week, those of you who participated in the Giveaway Week!! Thanks again! :) I know I sure enjoyed each and every one of your comments!! Your embarrassing moments were by far the best!!! Some of them I felt your pain, and some of them made my laugh so hard! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be coming back to those if I ever need a good laugh. ;) I also feel so lucky to know (well, as well as I know you) so many unique people. ;) 

I guess I could really go on and on about all of your comments for each day last week! But let's just get to the good stuff... the winners! :)

The winner of the Nicey Jane charm pack is (Birthday Giveaway):

Happy Birthday to you Mahoo!! :) Crossing my fingers you get some sun. :)

The Winner of the Denyse Schmidt Charm Pack is (Blogiversary Giveaway): 

Congrats Jennifer! :) and I totally agree!

The winner of the Charming Travelers charm swap is (100 Followers Giveaway): (just so you don't think I cheated, I know it says that there were 40 comments, but two of the comments were REPLY comments (one was mine), so I just subtracted those and got 38).

Ok Deb, I will! :) But it was totally a random pick. :)

The winner of the Random Charm Pack is (150 Followers Giveaway): 
I definitely think moths are yucky, but I do like butterflies. :) It definitely is good to be unique!!! :)

The Winner of my Zippy Pouch (un-birthday giveaway):

Thanks for sharing Mike!! I hope you enjoy a bit of the fabric I threw in the pouch as well! :)

I debated sharing my embarrassing moment, but I think I might share that for a later post. lol.  

I will be emailing each of you for your addresses, and will send off your packages once I hear back from you!! Congrats! And thanks everyone else for playing along!! :)



  1. Thanks so much Diane! My weather forecast says I'm supposed to get sun, but I'm afraid our 80F temperatures of last week are gone, and I'll be back to a more seasonal 45F. Great weather for a road trip!
    Thanks again.

  2. oooo... I love fabric!... and I can't wait to get the zippy pouch :) I might have to take it to my next quilt show to carry all the money I might spend :) ($20 in one dollar bills, usually, to make me look rich)... let me know if you did not get my info. To Wong Fu, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar.


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