Monday, March 5, 2012

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge: Rainbow Lake

I don't know if you've heard about the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge happening at Ellison Lane Quilts, but it's kind of a big deal. ;) The prizes are awesome, and it's been fun seeing all the mini's popping up all over blogland! Originally I wasn't going to enter, but after racing to finish a lot of swap items last week, I needed a time out to sew something for me! I whipped this out just in time! :)


I call it "Rainbow Lake"

I've had this idea in my head for a long time! Every time I'd look at the circle of geese mini's I'd always see the negative space as a fun playground for color! I was going for a blending effect of the colors, where the geese were "drifting" into the color in front of them, adding the next hue of color, leaving their ripples a one step down on the color spectrum. I was originally going to have the geese be the solid color, and use prints for the "ripples", but I couldn't resist working in just solids. I love the bold effect of it!



The quilting was fun too! It was so hard to sew on this... it was so crisp and bold, but I like how it came out in the end.


I added some simple straight line stitching around the border in red, orange, green and teal.


The quilt finishes up at 17.5" by 17.5"
The sashing is 2.5" wide
I used mostly all Konas, though a few colors are random fabrics I had in my stash
(I think some remnants I've collected from the fabric store over time).
I'm kind of amazed that I didn't have to go buy any fabrics to complete this, or thread for that matter!
I used the Circle of Geese pattern from Piece by Number.


There are loads of prizes: 
2 random picks, 1 picked by Jennifer's hubby, and 2 that are viewer's choice! (crossing my fingers!! ;) I'll keep you updated if I need you to vote for me! lol - I can dream right?!) :D



  1. Are you sure this isn't supposed to come to me? Didn't you buy fabric lately? ;-) Just hoping haha.

  2. So beautiful! I love your photos of this, and the quilting, too!

  3. Gorgeous Diane, and I couldn`t have done my mini without your tutorial on piecing curves!

  4. Oh so beautiful and so wonderful bright colours! Your design is really good!

  5. Wow Diane, that really is gorgeous!

  6. love!!!! what a great use of the flying geese. you're a quilting genius :)

  7. Your opening line made me giggle..."...but it's kind of a big deal." :D I LOVE this mini. Love love how creative you have been with the use of colour and negative space. Did I mention that I love it?

  8. This is seriously beautiful. I didn't even see the geese until I read the post. What a fabulously great way of looking at a block and making it totally unique. Love it totally!! From the piecing to the quilting.

  9. The only thing to say is WOW! Cheers, Karen

  10. So lovely! The quilting choice really makes the secondary pattern pop!

  11. What a BEAUTIFUL mini quilt!

  12. Just, simply, wonderfully lovely!

  13. The pattern is so fun and that quilting must have been a delight to incorporate in there!

  14. I didn't know you entered! I don't know how I missed this, but it's Beautiful!!! My favorite color is rainbows(who can choose with so many colors)And you have your colors perfectly balanced! I struggle with that.

  15. Just lovely! Someday I hope to make one!

  16. That's so lovely, really bright and bold. :o)

  17. absolutely amazing! i just love it! thanks for joining my 12 in'12 challenge and linking up!


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