Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Finish-A-Long! Qrt 2

2012 Finish-A-Long

My friend Lori blogged about this FAL at Quilter in the Gap, and I thought hey! Maybe that's what I need to do to help me finish up some of my projects! :) You should go check it out! The 2nd Quarter Pre-Link up is Here. And the rules are here

Basically you make a list of the UFO's you want to finish this quarter, link them up in the pre-party link up. Finish them, and then for each finished item that you shared in the pre-link up, you link up in the post-link up and are entered to win some fun prizes!! :) Do you know that 134 projects were finished in the 1st Qtr?! That's AWESOME!! I have so many items I could list, but to make an honest effort and be realistic about what I want to/can finish, here are my projects:

(I know I shared some of these recently, but here they are again. Officially going on the "I'm serious about this and am going to finish these" list!) I think this will also be good to help keep these from being put on the back burner again too. :)

1. do.Good Stitches Quilt. The top is finished, just need to quilt and bind.

2. Kaleidoscope QAL quilt. Top is finished, just need to quilt and bind.

3. Mabel's Quilt. same scenario. Except this REALLY needs to be finished by May, for her birthday! :)

4. Giant Granny Square Quilt. it still needs some sashing around the edges, but otherwise it's almost done too.

5. do.Good Stitches, The Candy Land Quilt from March. I am NOT going to let this one sit around like I did the other one. I need to make 4 more blocks for it, but then I think it will be pretty fast. So this one is a little more work. I'm going to try and finish up the *quick* things first and then get to this one. :)

fbp TUT giant felt numbers
6. The numbers are finished, but I still need to finish the Alphabet letters I started a long time ago. I would love to have these done so I can use them during our "Learning Time". (I don't know if non-quilt items are included in this FAL, but this is definitely a UFO and I want to finish them, so I'm adding it.)
OOPS! I almost forgot. You do have to show a picture of the UFO so it's a for sure thing that it is a UFO. Here's what I have finished already, with the numbers too. 

And the ones that are not finished.

Well, I think that's all of my big projects. (so much for keeping it honest right?! lol. I really do think I can finish these. I'll definitely be having a mass basting and quilting party soon!) :) I feel like these are the things that keep me from starting other things I really want to start (do you have those too? "I really want to make this.... ug. but I still have that to finish." :( ... so it will definitely be nice to have them out of the way!!

What about you? Do you have UFO's you would like to finish up and scratch off your list??



  1. Oh my goodness! Those projects are gorgeous! You can get those done in no time. I have to admit that I procrastinate when it comes to quilting and binding my quilts. For some reason I enjoy the designing and piecing parts of the process so much more!

  2. I have a number of UFOs, three (I think) of which are listed in the sidebar on my site. But since my focus for April is all about new clothes for my daughter, and then May will be about catching up on the three BOMs I'm ignoring right now, and then I need to figure out a pair of jeans for myself, I don't think my UFOs will become FOs for a while yet!

  3. I love all your UFOs, especially the giany granny square - great colours

  4. Love the giant granny square"


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