Monday, April 23, 2012

Bee Blocks. LOTS of bee blocks.

I have made so many bee blocks. It's crazy!! I keep waiting to finish them all so I can share them with you all at once. But then there's always more and I just need to share them before this post becomes 100 blocks long! lol. :)

I'll go by Bee.

First is the [4x5] Modern Bee Qtr 1, Hive 5.

I joined the Paper Pieced group. Which I love paper piecing. Maybe more than anything. BUT I had the HARDEST time figuring out what block to make for my fellow members! I sketched so many ideas, looked through so many blocks and couldn't decide on anything. I even made up one block, but I didn't love it, so I didn't really want to send it out.


So after a few more ideas, came up with this...


Am I crazy? This was 5 days before they were due. But alas. I am a bit crazy. And a bit "I want to make sure to send out good stuff and not junk stuff", so I drove the Mr. a little crazy and took on this project! (and unfortunately was a little late sending them out. Sorry group!) Here are my finished blocks:

for me

for mpfox223

for Mama Missa

for Bijoux Baby

scrappy rainbow for jmcbroom

for JenJohnston

here's what I received! Aren't they gorgeous?!

I love them all!!! :) and I'm so happy with the colors I picked this round.

Next is my Moody Blues2 Bee Group:

This is a 6 month bee group where there are 2 people per month. They each send out their fabric to everyone else, tell us what block they want, we make it, and send it back. Holy molly does this build up your quilt fast! Kind of nice! :)

Here are the blocks I've made so far:


Moody Blues 2 - Feb blocks
Sunkissed Squares, tutorial (go check this out so you can see what these look like!) for Franswimmer

design based off this quilt, for Annaliese


for Linda, I forget what these are called. She sent the directions with the fabric, which were fantastic!

also my month, here's what I received:

don't these look awesome?! I took this picture before I received the last two. I'll have to get another picture soon.


wonky star for Melissa, it measures 14" by 14" unfinished.

Dutchman's puzzle, tutorial, for Moody Blues 2 block for Sabrina


Antique Tile, tutorial, for Five Baht Elephants

I still need to finish my granny square for Tiffany. and then only 2 more months! Crazy how this has flown by!

do.Good Stitches:

I can't remember if I shared my January blocks. I guess I will, just because I want to set a record of the most bee blocks in one blog post. lol.

January stars for Leigh -


February was my month - here's all the blocks that came in

I need to get my blocks made for this. ;)

March hearts for Melissa -


and that is the end of that. :( It was such an awesome group with amazing people!! I really loved it. But now it's time for something different. I will post my quilts once I get them finished and sent off! :)

Well, I think that about covers it for now. I was going to have some more blocks to share... but I got out of those bees. Kind of a weird feeling, but it's good. :) It's nice to finally get those all blogged about. Now off to finish some UFO's so I can get onto to other awesome projects! :)



  1. Wow what a lot of blocks! They all look amazing! Can't wait to see what you make them all into =D

  2. Wow! You've been busy! :) Love them all!

  3. Oh goodness, I could spend hours looking at your beautiful blocks. Love them all.

  4. You are my hero - everything stunning, everything wonderful and so many everthings!!!



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