Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's official! I am signed up! I'm going! Wahoo!! :)

Though I am SO dumb... I was stalking the registration page all morning. Was there right on the dot at 9:00, ready to use the coupon code, read the instructions for using the coupon code (before 9:00), and then blew right past where I was supposed to click. I totally missed out on the first 50 discount. doh. Kind of kicking myself right now. :/

Anyway, WAHOO! So who else is going??? Are you going to be there??? I totally want to meet all of you. :D

You can find out all about it here: Sewing Summit 2012

Ok, now I'm off to stalk and see who else is going and make sure I don't miss any of the preparation festivities. lol. :)



  1. Mememe!!! I did the same thing as you but realized before I finished registration and went back.

  2. I'm all signed up and ready to go too!

  3. I'm going too!!! I can't wait! See you there!

  4. wahoo!! i'm going too :) how exciting to get to meet you in person!

  5. Signed up and soooooooooo ready for October to get here lol.

  6. My husband registered for me this morning and got one of the discounted registrations. Can't wait to meet everyone!

  7. Yay!! Also, I love your banner here on the blog. Great projects you've done!


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