Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FAL 4th Quarter Link up!

Can you believe Sewing Summit is in TWO days?! I am so excited! I didn't realize that we can't check into the hotel, so trying to figure out what I'll do/where I'll take a nap once I get there, but otherwise I am EX.CIT.ED!! ;) don't you love it when people do that with words? I don't know, but I just want to type it like it sounds in my head, so there you go. ;)

I'm trying to get everything ready today so I am not stressing out tomorrow, and so I can go to bed early tomorrow. Waking up at 3 am is not my idea of exciting, and I'm hoping I don't miss my flight... but of course I have to take care of the important things (really? I don't know that this is that important, but the kids are all asleep and I say I'm in need of some good down time after this crazy morning we had at the doctors). Wow, I am really running a lot of tangents today.

Ok, so here it is, my list of everything I'd love to, and will just probably only be dreaming about, finishing this quarter, aka, before the end of the year. I have a list for the 100 Day Hussle here, and this will probably be the same, except I do have to have pictures for everything... so here is my picture round up. Super ambitious, but it definitely helps me when the last minute comes around. ;)

Link your list here.

1. Candy Land Quilt - I'm planning on this one in the next week or two. (I forgot that my husband is leaving for a week the day after I get back.) :( I am going to miss him.

2. Moody Blues Quilt - I'll share more about this after it's finished.

3. Kaleidoscope Quilt - can I be honest? I wish I had put it together like this:
Kaleidoscope QAL, Layout 1
lol. my first attempt at a design wall, in my stairway.

Would I be officially crazy if I took all the blocks apart and pieced it like that? Please tell me to not too, unless you vote for the other layout too. ;) I'd rather have a quilt that I love than always wish I had done it different.

4. Mabel's quilt - would love to get her quilt done by Christmas at the latest. Especially since it's already getting so cold!

5. Advent calendar

6. Nest quilt, + pattern

7. AMH quilt, + pattern
There's something I really like about this, but it's way too busy... What to do.

9. Giant Granny Quilt, + pattern

10. Mug rugs

11. bags for the shop, or maybe presents

a lot of these were on my list for last quarter. So hopefully I'll remember and finally get these out of the way!

wow. I have too many projects. Ok, I am now committing to not start any new projects until these are finished... unless they are for blog hops, Christmas presents, or other commitments (i.e. swaps). lol. Just no more for me or my shop or for fun. lol. :)



  1. Wow you sure know how to make a list! I hope you get those projects done! I think you should go with a design you'll love. I unpicked part of my quilt as it wasn't lined up perfectly enough for my liking! =D

  2. Lucky you, going to Sewing Summit! I really want to go next year.

    Love your list, especially that candy land quilt - good luck!

  3. So many projects but they're all great!! I like the kaleidoscope both ways, and agree with you that the first way is my favorite but I hate unpicking and resewing so I'd go with it as-is - it still looks great! Can't wait to hear more about the Moody Blues ;)

  4. I am glad to see you are working on an Advent calendar. My husband and I celebrate Advent, too. In fact, I make Jesse Tree Ornaments.


  5. You are being most ambitious but I love your work and your style! I like the kaleidoscope near the tree that you have pictured.

  6. Gorgeous projects Diane! I really love the fabrics you're using! Excited to see your stuff finished :)


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