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Thursday, October 4, 2012

from blank pages... #11

I am waiting for  two addresses to forward onto The Fat Quarter Shop - I emailed you this morning - so if it's you, be sure to email me! I'll send off all the info for The Fat Quarter Shop together. ALL emails regarding prizes have been sent! For everyone else, I contacted all the shops and passed on your info! You should hear back from them in the next day or so! :) Thank you to everyone who left your email in the comments! That was a huge help so I didn't have to do as much searching. ;) Congrats to everyone! :)

from blank pages... linky party

I think September was national sewing month, or at least for some reason that's what I remember seeing somewhere. Well, I don't think I sewed much of anything at all! Last night I started freaking out about the Sewing Summit since I will be leaving in a few hours short of a week!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!! But guess what, I am not.ready. nope. So do you know what I started this week? ok today? A list.

What I've started... A list! :) you know, of the important stuff.  Sharing on the from blank pages linky party today.
eww. these photos are yucky yellow. They didn't look like this on my phone. sorry. I need to stop taking so many phone pictures and get out my actual cameras again!

This is definitely the most important list. Priorities you know. If I forget all my clothes and walk around in my underwear the whole time, at least I won't forget to eat good food and get some of my beloved, and greatly missed chocolate covered cinnamon bears! lol. Seriously though, this stuff is important. ;) If only someone was coming down from Logan and could bring me some Lemon Custard Aggie Ice Cream! oooohhhh. melt-in-your-mouth-to-die-for-ice-cream. That's what it should really be called. lol.

Ok, so then I made another list. This one is my BEFORE list. pretty important too, I guess. Lol.

The before list...

I think if I wasn't still in such a rut of no energy, being sick, blah blah blah, I would also add a purse to the list (which I did start, but need to finish), as well as a pouch, a sewing kit pouch, and perhaps the duffle bag I bought the pattern for last year. I will be with the "heathens" as they call themselves in the google group - the people who aren't making anything pre-sewingsummit. :)

oh, and of course I do need to make a list of supplies. ;) (I do have one started on my phone.

I think overall this is a pretty good starting point! Wahoo! :) But now the countdown is on! I can't believe it!!!

Other sewing summit news... I'm staying in the hotel! Wahoo!!! We finally worked it out and I'm so excited! :) SO excited for the people I'm staying with too! THANKS!!!! Now the only thing I'm a bit nervous about is leaving at 3 am to drive to the airport. I hope I survive that first Thursday!

One note from last week... I was dumb and totally ruined the surprise for what pattern I was going to share for the blog hop. I am now doing something different than the cat... just so you know! So you better come by and see! Have you been checking out the patterns that have already been shared? They're AWESOME!! :) You can get a preview of all of them at Whims and Fancies!! plus there are giveaways! just saying.
Halloween Blog Hop

So now it's your turn! What beginnings do you have to celebrate?

Just a few things with the link up:

  1. PLEASE make sure to link back to this post in your blog post! Let others know where you're sharing your projects so they can come share theirs as well! :) You can also grab a button from my sidebar.
  2. Make sure you are talking about some kind of beginnings in your post. If I can't figure out how it ties into this theme, I'll have to delete your link. no offense.
  3. stop by others posts and leave some comment love! :) 

Linky will be open until Saturday night! :)

p.s. since I'll be at the sewing summit next week, or at least on my way, I will not be hosting this linky party next week... unless someone wants to host it for me!! That would be fun! :) let me know.



  1. Food is always one of the most important thing :)
    It's nice that you'll be able to stay in the hotel ! I wish I could come this year... next year maybe ?

    Did you need my email ? I didn't write it because I thought you already had it.. let me know if you need anything :)

  2. Have fun at sewing summit and take lots of pics! :)

  3. You will love it here in Utah. I am 5 min from down town. Are you going to the SLMQG mixer Friday Night I should be there.


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