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Monday, October 8, 2012

Candy Land Quilt Progress!

Can you believe this quilt has taken me so long? Ok, I can. But still. I am SO happy to at least have the top done! It will be complete once I get back from the Sewing Summit! This quilt is the do.Good Stitches quilt from February (hanging my head in shame), from the Harmony Circle. The pattern is the Candy Land quilt, and I have a tutorial for each block style that can be found here. The measurements are for 1 or 2 blocks, not the whole quilt, so this is great if you want to use it for a quilting bee, or where multiple people will be contributing blocks.

 Man, what an awesome group of girls we had! I still miss them and wish I could be back sewing with them some days. :) Rachel finally sent me a message last month giving me the kick in the butt I needed to get going on this. Trust me, this has been at the top of my list, or 5 lists, for months and months! Thanks Rachel for the welcomed nagging. ;) I needed it. I guess I'm good at skipping around on my lists... Anyway, I think this is the ONLY thing I worked on in September (darn that feeling sick!).

Coming together. And loving it!

I finished the top Sunday morning and had fun taking pictures! They don't give a super clear picture of what it actually looks like in normal light (except the first picture), but I LOVE the "stained glass" look. :)

The softest, lightest blocks went in the middle, with the darker blocks around the outside. I think my two straight blocks actually ended up being the darkest. oops. I'm super impressed with how well they all go together!


I think it's interesting how all the different columns look with the sun light behind the quilt. Everyone ironed their strips just a little bit differently and it makes it look like the columns are different widths. They really are all the same!


Everyone did such an excellent job! I really had no problems lining up all the different blocks, and they all match great! I'm so glad that my tutorial really did work since I was the last one to use it!! lol.
Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who helped me!! I can't wait to quilt this!! :)




  1. Beautiful!! Love how you laid out the light and dark :)

  2. Super cool :) I love the light, airy look.

  3. I haven't been on here in forever, but just saw this post. Very cool quilt! You should have named it "Stained Glass." The picture with the sun behind it made it look like stained glass. It probably won't look it once it is bound, but very cool none the less. Good job!


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