Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little Something For Our Home

We kind of live in a fish bowl. Which is nice during the day because it's SO BRIGHT! But at night, or in the early morning, it's a little less nice... especially since we're surrounded by old people who like to spy on us. heehee. j/k. They are all so nice and wonderful. We love our neighbors. But we would still like a little privacy.

SO I finally bought some fabric for some curtains! Yeah! I am so excited! :)

We have mostly green walls in the kitchen/dining room, with one white wall. I was originally thinking Amy Butler. For some reason I've wanted an Amy Butler kitchen for a long time.

We first decided on this.

Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Sparkle Midnight Blue

Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Sparkle Midnight Blue


And this for the window above the sink
Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Treasure Box Ocean Blue

Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Treasure Box Ocean Blue

But then I decided on No.
I pulled out some Field Study by Anna Marie Horner

This would seriously awesome against the green walls!

Anna Maria Horner Field Study Mind's Eye Jazz Navy
Mind's Eye Jazz Navy

But against the white wall, it would have felt like a huge dark pit. I was excited to go bold, but I really like light a lot better!

So here's what I finally decided on:

Anna Maria Horner Field Study Specimen Dreamy Blue
Specimen Dreamy Blue

It looks way better in person and I think it is going to look amazing! Plus keep the light airy feel of our big rooms and big windows. :) Yeah! Neil really likes it too, which is good.

We thought of this one by Amy Butler in the dining area too, but decided this would look better in the living room, where we have three HUGE windows in the front and a bunch on the side. I already have some curtains on the side windows, that are a cream color with a burnt orange backing, whatever. I'm going to keep those for now, but I think these will all look good together. I'm SO excited to have some awesome curtains!!

Reserved Listing for FromBlankPages
Amy Butler, Lark collection, Ivy Bloom in Cinder
LOVE! :)

I am excited for some style, and Neil is excited that he'll be able to walk around in his underwear in the mornings. lol. ;)

Now I'm just waiting for all this good stuff to arrive! I ordered the Field Study from LOVE shopping through Ebates first - you get 4% cash back, and then of course you can always find a coupon online.) and the Amy Butler from Three Dolls Fabric - she responded super fast when I asked for more yardage and had the best price on Etsy. :)

So now my question is, do you have a favorite method or pattern for making curtains??? I've made them a number of different ways, but I don't know what I love. I'm not going to put backing on any of these, so hopefully the fabrics to don't fade from the back... oh. I didn't think of that. :( Any suggestions?



  1. Fun times. :) I haven't even addressed curtain issues yet for our many many windows in this new house. I'm still living in it to catch the feel I want to go for. I'm still laughing at the image of your old-peep spies. :D

  2. Lovely fabrics. I have been living in my house for a few years and have not addressed the windows yet. Just managed to intall blinds (very generic) I hope you show us your creation. I'm sure it is going to be fabulous.

  3. I had to laugh at how all your choices were dark, but you ended up with something light. That's kind of how I work too! I line my curtains with inexpensive sheets. I don't need light blocking, but I do worry about fading and UV damage....

  4. I really like your choice, beautiful print and shades. I think that, by the time they fade, you are sick of looking at them, anyways, lol.


  5. let us know when you are up for ur priceless...thank you

  6. I made curtains once. I just winged it. They turned out nicely. I did a simple one inch hem on the sides. I did a 3 inch double hem on the bottom. The top above the rod was about 1.5 inches. The hole for the rod was 1.5 (or 2?) inches. I think I hemmed the bottom first then the sides, then the top. I like your final choice. I am sure it will look nice :)

  7. LOL!! Leave it up to the old. :) My Grandma is so like that!! I hope I'm not that nosey when I get into my 80's. Anyway--the fabric is beautiful! I would think about lining though. Inexpensive sheets are a good idea. I always take my width measurment of window and double it. Gives a nice fullness. Please show us pics when you are done!! :)

  8. Lovely choices! I've never made curtains before, but I bet these will be lovely. I'll be looking forward to seeing how they come together. And I'm sure it'll be nice to have some privacy when you want some, lol!


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