Saturday, November 10, 2012

On a Roll!

I am loving being well and having energy again! I've been sewing and crafting, going to the post office in a timely manner (aka, not months after I said I would send something). I've started on Christmas presents already, and even made a few quilt blocks to be added to some Hurricane Sandy quilts. I even cleaned my house (and while that is an ever work in progress, it still fills so good to know I can when I want, and I no longer am leaving everything up to my hubby to take care of.) Oh good health how I love you! (besides this awful sore throat that won't go away. ha. I guess I will never be totally free.) Anyway, I want to share with you some of the goodies I've been working on! I guess I could then also add that I'm also on a blogging roll!! Wahoo!! It feels good to share things with the world again! :)

F.y.i. This is basically a WiP's/Progress post. but I am definitely overdue for one. ;)

Here are my blocks for Jennifer. She's accepted 300+ quilt blocks to make quilts to take to New Jersey and hand out in December. Wow! They are still accepting fabric for the back as well as binding fabric if you would still like to help out. GO HERE. :) (You can also send her finished quilts to hand out. or there is someone else who can hand out quilt. For that info, or at least who to get in contact with, GO HERE.)



I also made these blocks for Angelina. Her quilt quild is making this AMAZING quilt to action and donate for the Red Cross. She needs blocks by the 13th, so it's quick, but these are fast. If you would like to help with these, GO HERE. :)



I of course finished my little pouch for yesterdays post. Love it. :)

And I have been working on my pouch from Sewing Summit. I wanted to finish it there, but decided to do some embroidery on it. I used the thread I won at the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild mixer. A HUGE pack of Cosmo thread. Wow. I still need to blog about that. Anyway, it's all variegated, and I'm not sure how to use it, but I tried it on this Denyse Schmidt fabric, and I think it turned out fun. :)


Hunter's piggy bank broke, so I made him this little coin pouch instead. I really love how it turned out. It's really simple, but that's ok. He insisted on black fabric. That's all he wanted for everything. I asked what his favorite color was and he said, "black". News to me. ;) But I love it with this birch fabric on the inside.



I of course can't show Christmas presents yet, or that would ruin the surprise. ;) But I have all my supplies and am ready to do some mass producing. lol.

I finally got the back of the Candy Land quilt put together. I kind of forgot I needed to do that, so when I went to quilt it, I had no back. Lol.

I also fixed these blocks. I had assembled this top a while ago, but didn't love the center block with the rest of them. So I traded out the very center block! And now I love it. I'm going to finish this up and send it to Jennifer. Hopefully a little baby in Jersey can use it.

Yes, I bribed them with a treat to come hold this for me. ;)

And, best of all.... ok, not best, but so excited. My curtain fabrics arrived already! Privacy here we come!! lol. :) (I just hope I ordered enough fabric. I think I may have changed my mind on how to make them. :/ )

Happy weekend everyone!
We are off to go shopping... not my favorite thing.
But we are in need of food!!!
What are your plans for the weekend?



  1. You are like me, when you get the energy you really go for it, lol.
    Wonderful pieces and I love the scrappy kids quilts, really fun piece.


  2. I will hold stuff for you for a treat! :) lol I am making my blocks for the hurricane Sandy relief today ... everything looks great!

  3. Yay for feeling better!!! Love that quilt top - I'm sure a kiddo will get lots of love from it!

  4. wow you have been busy!! so glad you're feeling better! Lovely blocks, it's really exciting to see so many of these quilts for Sandy coming together so quickly! And I applaud you for being on top of Christmas presents already! The varigated thread looks cool. I like it. My brother's favorite color is black, maybe it's a boy thing? Love the initial on the front, looks cool!


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