Monday, January 7, 2013

First finishes of 2013! and The Maxi Skirt!

I've already finished a couple of projects this year! Wahoo! It's been fun. I love to sew. :)

The first one is a mini pillow I made for Mabel's new doll. I am making her a car blanket and with the scraps I decided to make her doll a little quilt too. I still have a few scraps leftover and decided to use them for the pillow. It's awesome not having any fabric left from a project! I still need to finish both quilts though. lol. One finished project to two unfinished, I'm guess I'm not starting off awesome. lol. ;)

First official finish of 2013! A pillow for Mabel's new doll. :) side 1.
side one

 First official finish of 2013! A pillow for Mabel's new doll. :) side 2.
side two

 Using my leftover scraps! Wahoo! It feels good to not have a pile of random fabric that might not ever get used. :) glad my daughter now has a doll to make mini quilts for.  She might get a lot of them. ;)
really bad phone picture of the doll quilt top

The top half is done. I'm too tired to keep sewing... my pauses keep getting longer and longer. That and I'm running out of white, guess I'll HAVE to but more fabric now. ;)
another bad photo, progress shot of the car quilt. The top is finished now. I love it!

I also finally got out my knit and made myself a Maxi Skirt! I am in LOVE with it! So comfy and quick and easy to make! :) I had left over fabric of that as well and decided to make Mabel a matching skirt too. She's way cuter than me so I'll only share a picture of her cute skirt. ;)

Mabel in her Maxi skirt! Love!

We were twinners at church today. heehee. totally lame. But that's ok. Neil says, "do you know how old we are? Everything we do is lame. It's fine." lol. Awesome! Talk about freedom to do whatever I want now! ;)

I may have finished something else already too, but I can't remember right now. Swiss cheese brain is setting in! (aka pregnancy brain. that and I've been in a weird funk lately. blah.)

Anyway, I need to make my 2012 wrap up post still as well as my 2013 FAL First quarter post (due by the 13th). Hopefully I'll find time for that soon! :)

Happy Monday everyone!!
What do you have planned for this week?
Anything fun?



  1. What an adorable photo of her. :) So cute in that skirt!

  2. That is a cute skirt! Are you good for TGIFF tomorrow?


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