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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday!!

I am so excited to be hosting TGIFF today! :) I love projects, especially starting new ones, but there is never anything better than finishing a project! Whew, what a relief.... when one is done I don't feel as bad starting a new one. ;)  If you are new to my little corner of blogland, I hope you'll stop and stay a while and check things out! I've been a bit quite so far this year, but if you are on Instagram, I've got plenty of things going on over there (my username is fromblankpages). Come follow along. :)

For my finish today I want to share with you an activity book I made for a custom order. I've made two for my little kiddos and they LOVE them! I still need to make one more (as well as finish up the pattern). They've been perfect for church and in the car on long trips. I'm usually not a purple person, but I love how this one turned out! :) Most of my purples are Kate Spain's Cuzco. I instantly fell in love with how SO silky soft those fabrics are!

The front
Measures 10 inch tall by 7 inches wide

The back.
Under the strap there is a full sized pocket to hold paper and other flat things, mini book, etc.

The inside.
I found these mini clipboards at Walmart and that is what inspired the idea for these! They are perfect for a half sheet of paper. I want to find some coloring pages and print two out per sheet. So far I've just cut plain paper in half and my wee ones have enjoyed those a lot so far. :) 
I also found some spiral top notebooks that fit perfect as well! Bonus!

Holds 8 mini twistable crayons, or regular crayons, but I LOVE these twistables.
The little pocket above the crayons is great for stickers or other fun stuff you want to carry along.

Hooray for finishes! :) Now it's your turn! Feel free to link up any recent finish you have, being sure to link back here so others can join the fun. You can grab the button from the main TGIFF site (or if you want to learn more, go here.

Also, stop by some of the link ups and comment on what others have finished. We all love a bit of comment love!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Good taste in purples!!! She's my favourite :)

  2. Sweet activity bags! Love the colours and fabrics!

  3. Ooh that's lovely! Is it Kate Spain fabric? :) thanks for hosting!

  4. I love those fabrics! I have a soft spot for purples, as they are my youngest daughter's favourite!!!

  5. Great idea and they turned out lovely!

  6. Diane, that thing looks awesome. Sometimes when I see all the cool stuff you're making, and your websites, I think, "Oh, yeah. She's not a little kid anymore." You're awesome.

  7. I AM a purple person and I adore this! Great job.

  8. Lovely! Similar project is on my list, yours turn out great.

  9. Beautiful! Love the purple! I need one of these to use for my grocery list - it'd be perfect for that!

  10. Adorable! I need one for my kids when they are a bit older!

  11. Very nice! I really should make one of those for my daughter! And I love Cuzco ~ perfect colors!

  12. I can imagine making something like this for my sketchbook and some traveling pens/ drawing pencils. So cute it would inspire me to take it out more!

  13. Love it Diane! Perfect for the kiddies. Give me a shout when you've finished the pattern. x

  14. Ooh, I love this, Diane! Purple is one of my favourite colours! I could see making this as a birthday gift. Thanks for hosting TGIFF!


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