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Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 FAL - 1st Quarter Projects

she can quilt

 Wow, I almost missed this! I've been waiting to take some good pictures of everything, but it doesn't look like that will be happening in time. ;) I have a lot of almost finished projects that I've been trying to get finished for about a year now. Well, now is the time to get them done! It's tiring having a huge to do list all the time. ;)

I was just going to pick a few projects and work on those, but I decided to list all of them that I want to get done and hopefully I'll be able to whittle down the list through the year. My goal: No more repeat projects! Nothing will last through 2013! ha. 

1. Mabel's quilt - need to finish this before I have another baby! I can't start his until hers is finished. Ready to baste and quilt. Have you seen this picture enough times yet? ha.


2. Kaleidoscope quilt - top finished.

3. Giant Granny Square - I still have a bit to do for the top, but this is a fun one. I really want to see it finished. SO excited to keep it in Mabel's room, or keep it for me. ;) (want to make a pattern for this one.)


4. Baby #4 Quilt - I made up this quilt block and decided it would be a fabulous one for baby #4's quilt. So far I've made one for each baby and they just keep getting more and more modern. :) So fun! I was almost going to say that I'm going to have to keep having more babies, but that is not a necessity to make more quilts. haha. ;)


5. Bags - these are so quick... but I get tired of repetition.

6. Another Quick project - a bunch of mug rugs and coasters.

7. Moody Blues 2 Quilt - this really is/should be on the top of my list. Need to get it done asap. I still have a bit to do on it though, so I would really love to finish a few that are closer and get them out of the way so I can feel like I have more room for this one.

8. Mabel's car quilt. I didn't start it until recently, but if I don't finish it it will be in a pile forever. New projects that don't get finished at the same time I start them are already UFO's. ;)
The top half is done. I'm too tired to keep sewing... my pauses keep getting longer and longer. That and I'm running out of white, guess I'll HAVE to but more fabric now. ;)

9. Melinda's quilt - top finished. Need to finish this and donate it.

10. Bee block quilts - I actually have a bunch of bee blocks that I've received from people and need to put them together and finish them. I need more fabric for some of them though. Maybe I'll call out for donations, since they are for donation anyway. ???  My plan post to come.
 hum, I don't have a photo of these. I guess I won't link them up at the end of the quarter if I finish them, but they still count for my list. :)

Some Holiday sewing:

11. Advent Calendar -

12. Christmas Table Runner - that is actually square. Top finished.
A little Christmas sewing! :)

and one just one more...

13. Nest quilt - this is a somewhat quick quilt, just need to get at it. I'm about half way done with the top. Would love to make a pattern of this one too.

is it unlucky to have 13 projects? Maybe it's extra lucky and means I'll get them finished! :)

Ok, this is my list for this quarter! Wish me luck! :) (and add Pay it Forward 2013 projects as well as two swaps. I think I will be plenty busy.) :)

There are still a couple hours left if you want to link up your projects over at she can quilt.



  1. These are such beautiful projects!! I love Mabel's quilt tops and the kaleidoscope scope is stunning. Good luck Diane!

  2. Gorgeous projects! I don't feel so bad about all of my UFOs now. What I do need to do is make a list though and start working through it. Oh and I should stop buying fabric!

  3. I know I said it last time but I just LOVE the quilt you're making Mabel!! It's so adorable!


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