Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes - February

I was looking around Flickr and noticed that the link up for February for the Lovely Year of Finishes (flickr link, or read about it here at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs) closes tomorrow. I have one project in mind that I definitely want to finish up this year. ... so here is my link up blog post!

I know I already posted about this today... I have so many repeat things on my blog. Hopefully that will end as I finish things up!! Which is my ultimate goal, of course.

I want to finish my knitting needle roll!

13 rows finished, 5 more to go! so excited to turn this into a knitting roll, for ME! :D

I'm really trying to get more organized, as well as beautify my sewing/crafty space. I love looking at everyone's awesome sewing rooms, and then I look at mine and it definitely needs some help. ;) Anyway, I'm making this strip of 1" finished hst blocks for the front strip. Then I will use the tutorial here for the roll. I used this same tutorial for my Sew Sew Modern swap, and it was so quick and easy and turned out great! (sorry another repeat of info if you are a regular reader. p.s. thanks for reading!) ;)

So anyway, if you have a project you want to finish this month, be sure to go link up
You can win some prizes too if you finish. :)



  1. I feel like I just keep showing the same projects over and over again too !!

    You already know but I think that those little HST are the cutest thing ever !!

  2. i love these hst's, they are amazing! your needle roll is going to be awesome!


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