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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Week of Finishes: Mabel's Doll Quilt

from blank pages...
A Week of Finishes is all about blogging and finally sharing the things I have finished. I hope you'll join me! The linky will be open until Monday night, March 4th.

The Front

Next up on my list of finishes is this little doll quilt for Mabel's new doll. Since she's the first girl, and we have SO many toys for boys, I've been going overboard to make sure she has at least a few things that are all girl. :)


This quilt is made from leftovers of the car quilt I made for Mabel (I'll show that in the next day or two). I already finished a matching pillow last month, and now I really want to make a little bed for it, even though right now it sleeps in the crib with her. Every time we get Mabel out, we also have to get her doll, doll's blanket, and doll's pillow. She's so funny. I love the little things that are so important to kids!


In an attempt to practice some free motion quilting (really in preparation to finish Mabel's big quilt) I decided to do some swirly flowers. I used some variegated Gutermann thread and I love how it looks on the back! (just ignore some of the top stitching showing through, it took a little bit to get the tension just right). I still need more practice, but I'm getting there. :) I think this little mini will get lots of love. :)

The Back


Do you have a finish, or a few, or twenty that you want to share?! Link them up!!and be sure to link back here in your post (old or new) so others can come join in the fun! :)

from blank pages...



  1. I made my girls doll quilts for Christmas and I love watching them play with them :) Mabels doll quilt is so sweet!

  2. so colorful and I love the snowy backdrop!

  3. Diane, I know you're highlighting the quilt, which is really lovely, but my attention went to the little doll. Did you make her? Did you use a current pattern? She's very, very adorable!

  4. I'm not sure what it going on.....I didn't put the same quilt up all three days!! I am so sorry! squeegeatc at aol dot com


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