Monday, February 25, 2013

A Week of Finishes: Activity Book

I have finished a lot of things lately, but I can't keep track of what I've done, or what I still need to finish. And obviously I haven't been blogging about them. I decided, right now, that this will be the Week of Finishes! Every day this week I'm going to share with you something that I've finished recently! :)

A Week of Finishes!

from blank pages...

Do you want to join me? I'll add a linky to every post so you can link up anything and everything you've finished recently too! (It'll be the same linky, so there won't be any need to go back and re-link up any of the same posts. They'll show up every day!) :) Maybe I'll even try and make a button for it. I'm sure I'll want to do this again sometime. :)

For my first finish, I'll share a custom order activity book that I made. Everyone seems to really love purple (glad I have some in my stash!) :)

The Front - using Cuzco by Kate Spain

The Back

The Inside

I still need to finish Hunters. Every time I start making one he asks if it's his. Oops. At least he enjoys using the other two I have made for my other children... :)

I used some heavier interfacing for this one, and I really like it, though I still have one more adjustment to make for the final pattern. I'm getting pretty excited about this one. These are so quick and easy to whip up! :)

Hooray for a finish!!

from blank pages...

If you link up a project, or two, or twenty, be sure to link back here so others can come join the fun! :)



  1. If Hunter gets upset with you just tell him the first one is never as good as the last one. Gotta work out the kinks!

  2. Lovely activity book. I'd like to have one for myself :)

  3. I think that's a great idea! I want to finish a bunch of stuff. Maybe if I post more I'll do more :) And I really like that activity book. It looks so orderly and neat.


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