Monday, February 18, 2013

My First Alphabet - 1 Day Sale + Pictures + Tips

The sale is up on Craftsy! Price changes are for both the Personal Use and Limited Use patterns - TODAY ONLY!

 I've had a few questions about the pattern, so I thought now would be a great time to answer them, in case others have the same questions.


I also want to share with you Hunter's pouch that I finished last night. I LOVE how it turned out! He really likes it too. Phew. ;)

I decided to leave the zipper long to act as a handle for him to carry it around by. 

I think it's similar to Noodlehead's Wide Zip pouch??? I don't know. If you want to know how to do this, you can check out her pattern. It has good reviews.

The Back.
I accidently cut the back panel too short, so I added the green strip. I am SO glad I did! I actually really really love it. So glad when it works out like that. I think it really brings out the green in the animals eyes. ;)

The green is a Lizzy House print, the lines and tigers is Ed Emberly print. And the letters are Saltwater I think? the solids are Konas. I got the zipper from Zipit on Etsy.

The pouch measures 7" by 11", which I really like the size. I don't know what he'll use it for, but he's already found stuff to carry around in it. :)

Updated to add my PEACE wall hanging:



Now onto some Q's & A's:


You CAN resize this pattern. It's rather simple! Just change the % or scale at which you print it at. A larger number will make it bigger, and smaller number will make it smaller. 100% or No Scale will print a 3" tall finished pattern piece.

**One thing to note when resizing:

On almost all paper piecing patterns there is included on the pattern a 1/4” boarder which is the seam allowance (I include it on all of mine). It helps to make sure that you paper piece your block large enough to join them together without overlapping your pattern.

The seam allowance is the shaded area

If you make the block larger, that boarder also gets larger. You can ignore the difference and piece as usual until you are ready to trim your final blocks. Just measure from the inside square (the inner square of the seam allowance) 1/4” out and trim. Or trim the paper before piecing.

If you make the block smaller, the seam allowance will also get smaller. You can do one of two things,  before cutting out the pattern pieces, measure 1/4” from the inside box and redraw the lines, or cut out like usual and compensate while piecing your block, which means let your fabric overhang the edge of your blocks by the needed 1/4”. And again measure from the inside square out 1/4” when trimming up your block. I would prefer the former for smaller blocks as to avoid any errors of having my pieces too small.

This applies for any pattern that has a boarder, not just mine. You definitely do NOT need to adjust anything in the actual pattern. So don't be frightened of this, it's really easy. :)

Personal Use vs Limited Use License:

If you purchase the Personal Use pattern (of any of my patterns) they are ONLY for Personal Use. You can make whatever and however many items you want with it, but you can not profit off of them. You can make them for yourself, your family, friends, for gifts, swaps, for donations (charitable auctions are fine), etc. But you can not use the pattern for something that you will sell and make money from.

The Limited Use License means that you CAN make items (bags, pillows, quilts, notebook covers, etc) with my pattern and sell them for a profit. ON A LIMITED SCALE. You can't mass produce items. On this pattern I put a limit of 50 items per year that you can sell with this. I'm not strict about this, but for an idea that this needs to be on a small scale, made by you. If you are in a group where a bunch of people are assembling items together, every person that uses the pattern needs to buy their own copy. It only grants the purchaser the right to use and make money off what you make.

You can NEVER sell my patterns, either alone or in a kit. Please do not copy, sell, alter, redistribute, or share my patterns with anyone. The purchase of any of my patterns is for the purchaser only to use. I hope you understand that I do this to protect my work and time that I put into my patterns.

Please always credit me as the designer of the pattern in any descriptions of what you make. I would really really appreciate it! And of course, more than anything, I LOVE to see what you make!! It makes me giddy and all giggly. ;)

If you have any other questions about this pattern, or any pattern I have, please ask and I'll add it to this post. :)

Thank you so much for all of your support!! I love making patterns, and the fact that they sell at all is definitely my greatest encouragement to keep on designing. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!



  1. Well, I LOVE your little pouch and am thinking that is a great way to use the pattern. I have my copy now and looked it over a little. One of these days, I will attempt to make something. =) Thanks for the explanations...I appreciate it.

  2. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!! That is all...

  3. Salt Air for the letters I believe, love that line and Saltwater :) . Glad you cleared up the personal vs everything else copyright. And the pouch is charming!

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