Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THANK YOU!!! + a few finishes!

everyone who participated in my sale yesterday! 
I am overwhelmed by the response and absolutely appreciate all of your support! Thank you!!

It's super exciting to see my pattern at the #1 spot on Craftsy's trending patterns! What an honor. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks! (I know this sounds cheesy, but I really mean it.)

Yep. I took a screen shot. ;) (nerd alert!)

Anyway, I realized yesterday that I probably should have put my pattern on sale on Etsy as well, as I know that not everyone likes to use Craftsy. I'll do another sale soon! :)

I did sneak in a few pictures on my blog post yesterday of my finished Word of the Year wall hanging, but it wasn't until last night, so I wanted to share it with everyone in case you missed it. :) (Sorry the pictures are dark... I took these at night) (using My First Alphabet pattern)


After I pieced the words, I added a border around the whole thing and simple basted the edges, added the binding and called it good! I was going to do some hand stitching, but for now I like it just like this. :)

The back - with my hanging corners

I have too many little projects hanging around that need to be finished so I can put things away. I feel like I'm going to get swallowed up one of these days when I sit down in my sewing chair! lol. So this morning I finished up a new scrap basket (I desperately needed a new one!) using my blue Heart Art crosstitch heart that I had made earlier. I LOVE it!!



The colors in these fabrics are so gorgeous!!


I used Pellon 71F for the lining to keep it's shape. It works great! Though I should have made it just a little bit smaller for the inside, as it kind of stretches in parts. It's still good though. 


And I did a bit of a rough job sewing around the top... I used the wonder clips instead of pins to hold it all in place, and they did not hold it enough. Oh well. It's for scraps...

Ok, well I guess the picture overload makes up for my lack of blogging. ;) I'll have more pictures of another project later this week too!

Happy Tuesday!
and thanks again! :)



  1. That's so awesome...I'm sure your little heart was happy and I'm glad! I don't shop much on craftsy, but I'm happy to go there when the need arises. =) Thanks again for a lovely sale...your peace mini is beautiful too! Have a great day.

  2. Hi Diane! Your letters are so beautiful that I'm not surprised your patterns are super hit! I really like your 'font', clear and simple letters! Your pattern is in my wish-list. x Teje

  3. So cute and pretty! I really love your scrap bucket!

  4. The pattern wasn't in my budget this month after I had already purchased the washi tape but if you run another sale I would love to purchase the letters!

  5. I love the pictures. I am not a work person but a picture person. Great colors in the scrap basket. Kathleen

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