Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sewing Summit 2013!


Are you planning on attending Sewing Summit this year? I went last year and had a BLAST! It was so wonderful to get together with hundreds of other gals (and a few guys) who love to sew, quilt, learn, and just have a good time! The classes were great, the food was good. Nothing to complain about. ;)

Well, I HOPE you are coming! I will definitely be there. I know, because....


ahhh! I am SOOO excited! I have been dying to tell anyone ever since I found out. I'll be teaching "Creating Paper Pieced Patterns". Last year at Sewing Summit, and before and since then, I've had people ask me questions about different aspects of creating paper piecing patterns. I had so much fun at Sewing Summit last year, and LOVE to teach and help people, that I knew then that I wanted to try and teach a class this year. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I am more than excited. (and nervous) I hope you'll want to come join me in my class!! And I look forward to hearing feedback as to any specific questions you have, or specifics that you'd like to learn when it comes to creating your own paper piecing pattern. I'm all ears! (and I'm super excited to help everyone create their own pattern that they can make into a quilt block, or whatever, that weekend! :)


Be sure to check out the Sewing Summit website if you haven't already to see who the other amazing teachers are. I am excited to see who the rest of them will be as well (they have only announced some of them so far). I feel a little out of place with such talented people, but definitely look forward to the experience. :) It's going to be another awesome year I'm sure!!



  1. I thought I might skip it this year but all the classes so far really look great. Maybe a change in plans is due

  2. Oh wow, that's so exciting!!!! What an awesome class that will be!

  3. I just checked out the sewing summit website and saw that you were teaching!!! How exciting for you!!! You are like Superwoman, having a baby and traveling to teach, I'm so impressed! One day I hope to be as productive as you are!

  4. I think it's cute that you already have the new baby in your bio (3 boys and one girly girl :)) I am going to go as long as I get a ticket and would love to take your class :)


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