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Monday, March 25, 2013

My ABCs & My abc's: Complete Pattern Set!

Pattern #3 for today's big release! (Along with My First Alphabet: Numbers & Punctuations, and My abc's Lowercase pattern.)

And to end with a big bang...

My ABCs & My abc's Complete Set
UPPER and lower case letters
on Craftsy, on Etsy

 Upper AND lowercase letters. This pattern has 4 different sets of alphabets, 2 of each upper and lowercase. It has 41 pages!!! You are really getting a bang for your buck with this pattern. Here is a photo showing the different sets:

Basically how it works, depending on which lowercase letters you are using, you use the specific patterns. This makes it easier for you to fit all the letters together, as well as get the cleanest, smoothest finished product! 

Let me put it another way: the difference from the Upper and Lowercase stand alone patterns, is the E section on the bottom of the patterns. 
 - The Uppercase only pattern does not have the E section underneath each letter. If you are combining this pattern with the lowercase pattern, and using the letters g, j, p, q, or y (see how they all have those tales that extend below the base line of the letters??) it's going to be a little more tricky lining those up. You will need to add more fabric to the bottom of the letters. Even if you aren't using those letters, you will need to adjust one of the patterns to get them to fit together.
 - The lowercase pattern does have the E section. So of course all the lowercase letters will work perfectly together. But if you are combining the lowercase with the uppercase letters (and not using the lowercase letters I mentioned before) you will need to either still add a section to the uppercase letters, or go through each letter and take the E section off (I do include instructions in the lowercase pattern on how to do this). 

So it's definitely not impossible to combine the two different patterns, it's just more work. I decided to make this complete set, to make using these patterns together as smooth as possible for you! :) You may ask, why not add the other options to the individual patterns??? Because if all you want is one of the other, you don't really need those options.

*** If you already bought the UPPERCASE pattern, and want to upgrade to the complete set without having to purchase it on top of what you already paid, forward me your receipt of purchase from when you purchased the pattern (either from Etsy or Craftsy), along with the email address you used, and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the difference, and email you the complete pattern (to the same email address that you bought the first pattern from). I will only be offering this deal for a limited time, but definitely want to put this out there since all the patterns didn't come out at the same time. I don't want anyone to feel ripped off for not waiting for this complete set to come out. :)

Kelie of Craft Nurse Quilt tested this pattern out for me. I absolutely LOVE her finished mini!!!

 SO CUTE!! :)

Here is what Kelie said,

I loved your pattern!!!!!!! Absolutely L-O-V-E!!!!!! I love the size of the letters especially! So versatile to use in MANY projects! The size also helps with not using TOO much fabric! I found I could use tiny bits I had previously cut off for another part in the same letter! Sooo, very fabric friendly?!?!? I guess that’s what I’m trying to say?... I found this pattern (if you know what you’re doing in paper piecing) very easy to follow, I didn’t really need to read the directions to piece them, but since its always a good idea to read the directions I did!!!! ... I would recommend adding in the directions to keep the paper on each letter while joining them. Like with the “s” how it comes in sections…I didn’t keep the paper on one of them and it didn’t line up right but when I kept the paper on  it lined up PERFECTLY! (just a suggestion!)

I really do love this pattern and can see myself using it time and time again. There’s not much I’d change at all (if anything) about it! I love the end result! I’m already planning a few more things with it!

I LOVE her suggestion to keep the paper on. I always leave the paper on until I am completely finished. Especially with paper piecing, you are often working with fabric on the bias, which means it can stretch. Keeping the paper on keeps everything in place. And especially with piecing segments together, everything lines up so much better with the paper on, and with minimal fuss. This is something I added to the directions.

Thanks Kelie!!

Wow! Ok, that is a lot of patterns, and a lot of feedback. But I am SOOOO excited to have these finished and out. :) If you try any of the patterns out, I would LOVE to see what you make! I'll even link it to my side bar so others can see it too. :)

I hope you are having a very happy Monday!! :)

p.s. I'm hoping to finish up my projects using this pattern soon! 
I can't wait to share it with you! :)



  1. Ekkkk!! When my budget allows this is definitely on my purchase list!

  2. U r so very welcome!!! Thank u (again) for letting me test for u! I just LOVE this pattern!

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