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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Pattern: Wonky Stars! and Giveaway!

 I got a little push from Lisa to finish my Wonky Stars pattern, during my big flash sale event, so I did. :) She had seen this photo I shared on Instagram about 85 weeks ago (according to Instagram). :) Well, she has a good memory. Because I basically forgot about it. 

This is my first four blocks I made from this pattern.
(and a slightly different version, as the very last outer piece is slightly narrower than the pattern is now).

When Lisa brought this pattern back to my attention, I pulled these blocks out and sewed them together. I am now in the process of handstitching around the stars, and will turn it into a pillow. I'm debating on giving it away for my 1,000 Follower Giveaway on Instagram... I'm still undecided. Actually, I have to ask my hubby. He gets mad that I give the good stuff away. If I keep this, I'll make something equally as awesome for the giveaway. (come follow me if you would like to win it, at a soon but later date.)

So of course I had to ask Lisa to test it out for me! She has never paper pieced before, and I love giving people an excuse to try it, so here is her beautiful finished pillow!!! I love these colors and fabrics she used! And she did an amazing job for her first time!! :) (Which means if you've never paper pieced before either, this is a great pattern to start with!)

Just so you know, the pattern itself does not include instructions on how to paper piece. BUT I do have a full tutorial on how to paper piece, which you can find HERE.

Julie also commented that she's never paper pieced either, so I sent her the pattern to try out as well. I love her fabrics as well, and it gives it such a different look! She framed it to hang in her daughters room! WOW! It looks amazing! (I've never thought to frame a quilt. But I love it!)

So there it is!!

Oh, well, here's a little info about the pattern. Inside you will find:

:: Pattern pieces to create a 6 inch finished block
:: Reversed pattern pieces for more symmetrical 6 in blocks
:: Pattern pieces for a 12 inch finished block
:: Reversed pattern pieces for symmetrical 12 in block
:: Cutting Templates for both 6 in and 12 in patterns
:: 4 pages of coloring pages to help you plan before you cut

Cutting Templates are a great way to reduce fabric waste when paper piecing. They also speed up the process, and are a super easy way to fussy cut your fabrics!

Wondering what the reversed blocks do??? Here is a mock-up of multiple blocks together:

And here is a mock-up of what the pattern looks like using the reversed blocks. See how in the above picture the lines of the stars don't line up? But in the stars below they do, and it is more symmetrical? That's what the reversed blocks do. You use two normal blocks and two reversed.

 I also rotated every other block to give it more interest.

Here is one more example I made using the 6 inch pattern. I love small things! ;)

 So did you catch that?? This pattern comes in two sizes: 12 inch AND 6 inch, all in one pattern. I like small! ;) and I like options. 

If you are interested in purchasing this, you can find it in my shops (Thank you in advance!):

Wonky Stars on Craftsy and Etsy!

Would you like to win a copy of this pattern??? :)
  • Just leave a comment below, telling me something fun like your favorite color, or something exciting going on in your life right now! :) 
I'll pick a winner on Monday!

More ways to win a copy:

I am also offering a free pattern on Instagram! So be sure to follow me there to enter as well! :) (http://instagram.com/fromblankpages).
Julie is giving one away on Instagram! Simply leave a comment to be entered. (http://instagram.com/julia_davis7)
Lisa will also be offering a free pattern, so be sure to follow her  so you don't miss it! (http://instagram.com/mtngirl81)

Thank you so much!! And Thank You ALL for your support during my Birthday Flash Sale event last month! It was so much fun! And I HOPE you will now all share what you make! (because really it makes me all giddy inside to see them being used... not because I'm a weird stalker person or anything). ;)



  1. A very pretty block pattern, bummer I'm not on Instagram :(

  2. Wonderful wonky pattern, Diane! I am one of those people who paper piece to relax! In a minority I think!

  3. Great pattern Diane! Thanks for the chance :)

  4. Nice pattern - I really like your pillow. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

  5. I have really started loving the color yellow. I love the wonky star with all the stitching.

  6. Does it have to be on Instagram? I can't get it because my phone isn't fancy enough.

  7. Fabulous pattern - I'm not on instagram either!

  8. I am making a Double Wedding Ring Quilt!

  9. Love wonky! Great pattern. I have only tried paper piecing once but I love how precise your work comes.

  10. Working on a mini quilt this morning! Never tried wonky stars. Looks like fun!


  11. Oh, great fun. I am just finishing a project that has been sitting idle since 2010 (for shame!) so maybe it's time I learned how to paper piece.

  12. ohhhh they are beautiful!!! I've never tried patchwork, maybe I could start with this!

  13. ohhhh they are beautiful!!! I've never tried patchwork, maybe I could start with this!

  14. Love your pattern! Spring seems to have finally arrived in Kentucky. What could be better than that? Flowers, birds, sunshine, blue skies -- hooray!

  15. I have been on a sewing vacation and missed it when you changed your header, its lovely. all the quilts are unique too, I love the blue on the pillow and the framed piece is a great way to add art to the wall.

  16. I am thinking that would be a lot of fun as a black and with a dump of color in the center

  17. Love this pattern and I don't mind paper-piecing. I'm making bee blocks at the moment before I can move onto my own sewing

  18. I love your mini - so colourful. I love green and aqua, navy, grey, red, white. Yup - but green is my absolute favourite. I wish I was on Instagram...

  19. nothing too exciting going on. I am a purple or dark green girl! Lovely block!

  20. Everyone's test blocks are beautiful! My favorite color is blue/green. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. This s a great pattern! My favorite color is aqua.

  22. Its so beautiful Diane! Right now im a sucker for aquas and red. I love your patterns!

  23. Favorite color is blue - the skies are finally blue after all the rain the last couple of day, so I'm extra happy. :)

  24. Cute pattern! My favorite color is teal :) ksmith8@emich.edu

  25. Wow! I really love the individual squares. I'm currently on a teal binge color wise. Who knows that will be next?


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