Friday, May 9, 2014

Moving Destash

As I pack I'm finding piles of fabric I've pulled to destash. I don't have time to do a huge destash and list them all individually. Instead I've stuffed two boxes full of fabric!
One is: mostly half yards, some larger, some a little small. A few yards, some Fq's, and a few scarps.
it is at least 21 yards worth of fabric or more!
I'm asking $35 + shipping (medium flat rate box is $12.35).
The other box is all scraps! About 3 - gallon sized zip lock bags full. Most of the scraps are traditional fabrics, from my step-mom, plus my scraps mixed in.
I'm asking $20 shipped. ($7.65 + $12.35 shipping).
If you are interested in either, leave your Paypal address and which one you want. I'll send you an invoice. I ask that you pay as soon as possible so I can get these mailed before I get to the point of needing to pack them up.
Thank you!
(writing this on my phone, so here are the pictures. I don't know how to format it on here.) ;)


  1. Sigh! So tempting, but the last thing I need.

  2. I can't believe you guys are moving again so soon!!! Seems like you just got settled in Florida! I wish I needed it, but yeah I need more fabric like a hole in the head! LOL
    Good luck with the packing and moving!

  3. Great deals you are offering! Hope someone will order them soon!

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  5. It looks like you still have one of the boxes for sale?? If this is tha case, I am interested... email me and I will supply paypal info... don't want to leave that in a comment :P

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