Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cathedrals Collection and Giveaway!

Alright, big news: We are moving to Idaho! In a week and a half. AHHH! My husband got a new job last Friday, and we are super excited, but boy is this a crazy mess!! I am rushing to publish the last of my almost-finished-patterns, so hopefully help us pay all the moving expenses. So... in my last effort before I go into full time packing mode, I want to share with you my newest and most favorite pattern yet!


The Cathedrals Collection is a set of three patterns, all based off the same design. Cathedrals being the most complex, Cathedral Corners and Cathedral Squares being more simple.


 Cathedral Corners

Cathedral Squares

This was such a fun design to create and make. You can find more information on the pattern descriptions. All patterns include all the goodies I like to include in my patterns: coloring pages, cutting templates, instructions. The hardest part about this pattern is combining the multiple segments at the end. I have trimmed the edges and points of the pattern in a manner which make it a breeze to align the blocks. :)

I hope you like it! The repeats are awesome! I definitely want to make a full quilt of my top block. Maybe a quilt along after I move... :)

This pattern comes in 12 inch finished block size AND 18 inch block size, just like my 70's Geese pattern. But to save you money, I've bundled the two patterns, saving you $2 per design, and you receive both sizes! The Cathedrals Collection combines all three designs, and saves you an extra $3! $1 off per pattern. I think savings are good!! :) What do you think? Would you rather purchase them separately? I could do that too.

You can find all the patterns:
on Etsy: Cathedrals Collection, Cathedrals, Cathedral Squares, Cathedral Corners
or Craftsy:  Cathedrals Collection, Cathedrals, Cathedral Squares, Cathedral Corners

Would you like to win a copy of the Complete Collection?
simply use the rafflecopter below! I'll pick a winner next Monday! :)

Happy Tuesday!! :)
Now I'm off to pack....



  1. WOW, good luck with the move and congratulations on your husband's new job! I recently moved over a 3 week period with 3 little kids... can't imagine how crazy it would be with 4, in 1 1/2 weeks. Thanks, also for the giveaway, the blocks are beautiful. sarah@forrussia.org

  2. Wow! Love these blocks! Congratulations on the job, and moving to Idaho! Where in Idaho are you moving? I live in Idaho too! We're in Idaho Falls.

  3. Didnt you just move not long ago.. Have fun too........

  4. Hope all goes well with your move. Love the blocks!

  5. Good luck in your move and good luck to your husband in his new job.

  6. Good luck on your move! I'd love to spend a few days in Door County Wisconsin this summer. Beautiful block designs.

  7. Good luck with your move and congrats to your husband on the new job!


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