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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Celestial Star QAL: ALL 12 Blocks

Celestial Star QAL with from blank pages...

Someone asked to see all my blocks all together, and I have been on a mission to do so!! I have been trying to get a good picture of my quilt and all the blocks since I finished the quilt top. It has not been an easy task, but I think I finally got some decent shots.

So here they are!! I am in love...

 A quick bench shot. It's a large quilt!

They aren't all perfect, but I am pretty darned pleased with them!! ;)

I asked my little boys if they would help me hold it up so I could get a picture of the entire quilt. They are so sweet and did their very best! My little guy just isn't quite tall enough yet, but he is as sweet as can be!! love their little fingers and tops of their heads. <3 br="">

So there are all 12 blocks!!

You can purchase the Celestial Star pattern HERE.

I am planning on compiling an instruction PDF document that will show in detail how I constructed each block: fabric placement, value scheme, cheater cutting templates, etc for all the blocks. It won't be ready until after the QAL is finished probably, as I need to finish my quilt first. So if anyone wants to duplicate any of these blocks, but feels intimidated at all, hopefully this will help out! ;)

(Updated 10/20/14) Until I get the PDF completed, here are some posts that will hopefully help you recreate this quilt, whether you want to make the entire quilt or just one or two blocks:

This post talks about color and value. These are important to pay attention to in order to create a design that pops! Or not pop, if that's not what you are going for. :) It also shows how I used the coloring pages to come up with designs. http://fromblankpages.blogspot.com/2014/07/celestial-star-qal-color-design.html

This post talks about design and shows each of the blocks I created. You should be able to use these pictures for reference, and can transfer them to the coloring pages at the end of the pattern. I also share how I used value for picking fabric.  http://fromblankpages.blogspot.com/2014/07/celestial-star-qal-fabric.html

There is also a post about cutting templates. These make crating certain blocks much much easier!! http://fromblankpages.blogspot.com/2014/07/celestial-star-qal-cutting-fabric.html

How is everyone doing?!! Have you started quilting?? I need to hurry up! The link up and giveaway for your quilting progress ends on Thursday!! (well, the link up will remain open for any late comers, but I'll announce two winners on Thursday!)

Link up your quilting progress on THIS POST.



  1. One word comes to mind WOW!!!!! I think you will be admiring this for many years for so many special reasons :)

  2. As I looked at your individual blocks and studied the color placement and fussy cutting I was overwhelmed. The difficulty in choosing the fabrics for each block had to be mind blowing. I don't know many quilter's who could achieve what you have in this beautiful piece.

  3. These are stunning! I love them as individual blocks, but put together they are phenomenal! It's just beautiful!! Thanks again for sharing this awesome pattern. I loved working on these blocks!!

  4. Your blocks are stunning and this quilt is just gorgeous!!!

  5. So amazing. It is truly a masterpiece -- a legacy. Stunningly beautiful!

  6. OMG!!!!! I will wait for your instructions! Thank you. Your stars are amazing!

  7. Just found your blog! Absolutely beautiful! Just signed up via email! These stars are so unique from the others I have seen on the other blogs. I might have to give this one a go!

  8. Just found your blog! The quilt top is amazing!

  9. Is there a pattern for this beautiful quilt?:)

    1. Thank you! There is a pattern. I didn't realize that I forgot to link to it in the blog post, but I added a link. The pattern is called Celestial Star, and you can purchase it on Craftsy or in my bigcartel shop here: http://fromblankpages.bigcartel.com/product/celestial-star-collection

    2. Have you got another link for this gorgeous pattern (celestial stars)? The links in this post and even the comments didn't work. Please help!

  10. This is absolutely stunning and I am totally amazed with your creativity. Unbelievable!!


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