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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Number 9 Sale!!

The other day I woke up and was overwhelmed with feeling like this has been the longest 9 months ever! I am now 39 weeks and last night was the first night that I didn't sleep well, which actually makes me feel super blessed! But anyway, I'm really getting excited and anxious to meet this little girl!

To make these last few days (crossing my fingers it's not TOO many days!) a little more fun, I've decided to put 9 of my patterns on sale!! I asked for favorites on Instagram, but didn't get a huge response, so I'm throwing in a few of my own favorites as well! :)

Sale Details: 

  • The sale is for the specified patterns ONLY (for example, if it says the bundled pattern is on sale but not the individual sizes, then ONLY the bundled pattern is on sale). 
  • Prices are already marked down - so no need for a coupon code! This also means that I've reduced prices on Craftsy as well! I know some of you prefer shopping there! ;)
  • I'm including links to the exact patterns on Etsy, Craftsy and My Shop - so you can pick your favorite place to shop!
  • Prices are only good for new orders. No refunds or returns on previous purchases. 
  • Once the sale is over, it's over. 

Sale will end once this little girl is born! Which who knows when that will be?! So don't miss it!

Here's the line up!!

Celestial Star Complete - bundle of 3 sizes!
Normally $10, now $8
20% OFF

Simple Celestial Complete - bundle of 3 sizes!
Normally $10, now $7.50
25% OFF

Simple Celestial 24 inch (formatted for legal size paper)
Normally $3.95, now $2.50
37% OFF

Grandma's Lawn Chair Quilt Pattern
Normally $10, now $7.00
30% OFF

Rockstar Complete - bundle of 4 sizes!
Normally $10, now $7.50
25% OFF

Winter Holly - bundle of 3 sizes!
Normally $5, now $3.50
30% OFF

Cathedrals Complete - bundle of 3 patterns in 2 sizes!
Normally $14, now $8
42% OFF

Star Gazing - bundle of 5 patterns in 4 sizes!
Normally $21, now $15
28% OFF

Normally $3.95, now $2.50
37% OFF

Starfruit - 3 sizes
Normally $5, now $3.50
30% OFF


and Thank you!!!


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