Wednesday, June 15, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday #8

I feel like this week has been busy... but maybe more so with other things, like taming my children and trying to keep the house clean, and helping the young women get ready for trek. :) It's been a good week. Though I don't think I've finished anything.

In Progress:
I finally got the rest of my picnic blanket pinned and is now ready to finish. I am just waiting for a free minute to sit down and go at it! One thing I've noticed is that with FMQ on a sewing machine the design always seems to be a lot smaller and closer together, whereas FMQ with a long arm (is that what they're called?) is a lot more spaced out and bigger. I want to try to get that larger pattern on my sewing machine,  but it's hard. Any tips?

I also have Lola's Coin Quilt that I still need to cut my tree out for (instead of using berries that Quiltstory has) and piece the backing. I also have Mabel's quilt to finish, but am nervous to FMQ it, I need more practice with the design I was planning on doing. Although I just might pick a different design. I don't know.

I have my fabric picked out for my Kaleidoscope QAL! I'm so excited to get started on this! I can't wait to see how it turns out! :) I'll post more on this later.


I also have finally made some progress with my Bottled Rainbows QAL. I decided to do it a little bit different though... ok, in the end it'll be quite a bit different, but I'm excited for it as well. It will either turn out great, or be a total disaster. :) And I'm ok with that. :) I'll post more on that later as well.


That is mostly what I have lying around.

New Projects:
I have my sewing machine cover planned out. I am super excited about it! I am going to do a bunch of diamonds on the back that wrap around to the front and top, and then on the front I'm going to have a column of hexagons in different sizes. Both things I've never done before. I want to see if I can use my jelly roll of American Jane's Punctuation for it because I love the bold colors.  Although I'm struggling with how big to cut my strips for my diamonds to get them to finish up the right size. It just might turn out to be a total disaster. :)


Last night for church we had dinner with the Relief Society and then helped with some humanitarian projects. The girls cut out some felt pieces and started sewing them together to make hand puppets. They are so stinking adorable!! :) They got way more cut out then they could sew up before everyone was ready to go home, so I snatched them up and told them I'd finish them. Don't you love them?!

I don't know where they'll end up, but I'm sure those kids will love them! :)

A quilt for my sister. I told her she could buy this fabric that I considered for the Kaleidoscope QAL
for me and I'd make her a quilt. :) And it seems that she is on board. I think I'm going to do a version of Mabel's quilt, which I'm really excited for because then I can make it again without all the funky kinks that mine came out with. :)  I think it will look fabulous!


That's it. I'm trying to cut down (yeah right!) ;) so that I can finish up all my projects before we hopefully move this summer. {crossing my fingers for a new job!}

This weeks stats:
New Projects: 3
Completed Projects: 0
In progress: 7



  1. Lots of cool projects you have going on!

  2. Really like the quilt you've got planned for your sister!

  3. The Chelsea fabric is so pretty! I'm making a quilt for my (older) sister as well! She picked the Tula Pink Parisville (purple & green) for hers!
    We are also waiting on a new job and big move, so I'm with you on trying to cut back (but it's so hard!)

  4. I love, love, love that spiral-bound graph paper! I need to get one of those. Beautiful work and I love the plans you are forming.

  5. Can't wait to see your Bottled Rainbow idea!

  6. I know what you mean about finishing projects. Yours are beautiful! Love your plan for your sister's quilt.

  7. some very nice things in the the puppets!!

  8. You have lots of fun projects in the works! I like the design of the quilt for your sister :)

  9. Doesn't look to me like you've been doing too much laying around :)
    The puppets are sure going to be cute.

  10. Thanks for sharing all your plans and planning, it looks like you have a lot of fun sewing to do.

  11. Thanks Jerimi! I did post more about it here:
    I can't wait to start putting it all together and see how it turns out. :) I'm a little nervous.


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