Tuesday, September 25, 2012

100 Day Hustle!

Kelsey Sews

Kelsey has put together such a fun event for finishing up projects for the holidays, and for the end of the year. It's the 100 Day Hustle.  I have had a few things that have been on my list for sometime now that I really should get working on. Today is the last day to link up for the beginning linky, so if you haven't already put your post together, hurry and do so! You can find out more info here.
With my lack of sewing motivation that I've had recently I really hope this will help give me the push I need to finish up a few things. Because I like lists, I think I'll put down everything I would love to finish, but realistically I'll probably just hope to accomplish a few of them.

1. Candy land quilt for do.good stitches. It's communing along and hopefully I'll get it completed before sewing summit. So much for sewing anything for the SS, but oh well, I'm just excited to go.

2. A Christmas present quilt. I started this one in my Moody blues bee, so actually all the blocks I have for it were made by someone else. I still have a bit more to make to get it up to size, but I am excited for how it should turn out! So far it's beautiful! But I can't show pictures. ;)

3. Mabel's quilt. I already have all the layers together, it's just waiting to be quilted, and has been waiting for a long time! I'm thinking it should definitely be a Christmas present, or earlier surprise with how long it's taken me. I'm just nervous to quilt it because I want it to be perfect!

4. Kaleidoscope quilt. this one is waiting on a cute back to be pieced. Yep, another one that is so close but not quite. I really need to get these finished!


5. I have another quilt that I had started making a pattern for. It's made using Tula Pinks Nest collection. I would love to finish the top and enter it into the Tula Pink contest/linky, but I don't know if I have the ambition for that right now... I would still love to finish it by the end of the year!

There's something I really like about this, but it's way too busy... What to do.
6. I started a quilt with my Lou Lou Thi fabrics, but I wasn't loving it and have been a bit stumped with it. I think I'll just keep going with it and I'm sure if I don't love it, maybe someone else will...

7. I have some more patterns in the works that I would love to get them all finished! But even just one would make me happy!

8. Speaking of patterns that reminds me of my giant granny quilt. I've made good progress on that. A few good sessions of that quilt should be all it needs.

Ok, I think that's all for now. I hate that I have so many that are so close, and yet I can't seem to make any progress. Lol. One of these days I'll gain some super sewing powers and be done with all my wips for good! Haha. :)

Thanks Kelsy for the excellent motivation event! ;) if you join, be sure to share photos in the Flickr group as well!



  1. Looks like a good list. You have lots of beautiful WIPs!

  2. Love your Christmas present quilt!! So cheery :) Thanks for joining in!

  3. Wow such fun looking quilt tops!! Good luck with the list =D

  4. I want super sewing powers too because I don't seem to be able to finish anything.

    At least, a lot of them are really close to being finished !! I dream of the day where I will have nothing to do but sew for me :)

    Good luck with all that !!

  5. I have been on vacation all week and haven't got nearly the projects done I thought I would! My concept of sewing time is not good. Love ALL of your quilts to be. Especially the kaleidoscope quilt and the Lou Lou Thi fabric blocks. Maybe If you frame the Lou Lou Thi in a solid, you will like it better, but I REALLY like them! What the heck does the name Lou Lou Thi stand for anyway??? Always wondered that:)


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