Monday, September 24, 2012

Share Your 80's Photos Party!

Quilting for a Cause

Whitney had the great idea while planning this blog hop to have each of the blog hoppers share an 80's photo of ourselves! I could not resist!! But I also couldn't help but think that our photos were NOT enough!! It's only a party if everyone gets to join in on the fun! So here's your chance to share your 80's photos!! I've seen a couple that have been added with the Friendship Quilts that have been linked up so far, and let me tell you, they are great!! (As are the projects!! Keep em' coming!! The link up for projects closes this Friday!)

With recently moving, trying to find all my old photos has been a definite hunt, but I finally found some more of them! :) I just wish I had a copy of my 1st grade picture. I did my own hair, and boy were my bangs poofy. lol. Anyway, here's some of the best that I found:

80's Photos baby
baby photo

80's Photos fam
LOVE this family photo. I'm the little on on the bottom right. Like my bangs?! I cut them myself... kind of gave myself a bit of a mullet... yuck!
My two oldest brothers are missing in this shot. I think they must have been on their missions at this time.

80's Photos dress up
My brother dressing me up... the shirt was a LONG pajama shirt, hence the bulge. lol.
I loved those boots!

80's Photos dance
My sister and I took dance for a while. I totally remember performing this dance in the Kent Concert Hall at USU.

80's Photos park
I got caught doing a little jig at the drinking fountain. I have a few more of this scene, but this is the cutest, least embarrassing one (I am making some silly faces in the other shots). ;)

Ok, so hopefully that is enough photos to go inspire you to find some of yours to share with us!! I LOVE looking back at old photos. Memories are so sweet...

Here are the details:
  • You have until Sunday September 30th to link up your 80's photo(s). 
  • You can link them from a blog or Flickr, or whatever photo source you use that will work. 
  • On Monday October 1st I will announce 2 winners picked by who will each win a $20 Gift Certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics!!
  • You can share an 80's photo, even if you aren't entering a project. :)

Pink Chalk Fabrics

I hope you'll play along!



  1. I love your photos! I had fun going through mine to find one that was really "special". Turns out I don't have a lot of photos from the 80's. Do you suppose I had some idea how ridiculous they would look 20 or 30 years hence?

  2. Thanks for hosting these kinky parties! I've enjoyed visiting a bunch of the sites and reading about the projects and pictures!

  3. Aww, that last picture is sweet :-). Love that family photo - your brother on the left is the only one who doesn't look dated (although his collar may be a bit wide). And I assume that's a typo from Jayme... otherwise, I'd like to learn more about these kinky parties :-)


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