Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FQBH @ Fresh Off the Spool

Quilting for a Cause

Danielle has a wonderful tutorial for us today with some great tips and tricks on achieving some excellent results in our projects! Hop on over to Fresh Off the Spool to check out her beautiful project!!

Isn't her finished project stunning?! I love it! :)

Today is little Jacks' birthday! So far he got his pictures taken at Hunter's preschool, Picture Day! :) We made jello, ate some yummy strawberry-banana smoothies, he's watching his requested Dragon Tales, and hopefully we'll fit more in this afternoon! He also requested orange cake. Not sure about that one, but we'll see! I've had a bug lately that's literally wiped me out, so I've done a horrible job planning ahead for today. Maybe we'll have a weekend celebration. 

Ok, off for some birthday fun! Have a great Wednesday!


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