Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FQBH @ Made with Moxie

Quilting for a Cause

Today our stop on the hop is with Jill of Made with Moxie! She has an awesome tutorial for you all on how to make this totally rad Bargello Bag! I love it! Make sure you stop by and check it out!

As always, you can share any of your creations or FQBH progress photos in the flickr group here!

And for a little 80's recap: I have been trying to think of who the ultimate 80's band was. During high school I kind of went on an 80's music kick and listened to groups like Blondie  and of course the B52's (though I think they were more in the 70's going into the 80's ?) and I can't remember what else. (I do have to mention that I went to a youth dance to help chaperone while a was pregnant with Mabel. She was far enough a long that I could feel her move now and then. She was pretty quiet during the whole night, that is until a B52's song came on! She was dancing like crazy in there! lol. My husband denies it ever happened. He's NOT a fan. lol.) Ok, anyway, then last night we were surfing Netflix and you know what we found? "Girls Just Want To Have Fun!" Do you remember that movie?! I knew I had to share this music clip with you...

Cyndi Lauper wins hands down for the most defined 80's music artist! 
If she is not the 80's I don't know who is!! lol.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! :)



  1. A great looking bag such an awesome design!
    Who doesn't love that song!! =D

  2. Haha yes Cyndi Lauper - totally 80's! I think Boy George would have to be pretty up there too!


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